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6/30/2009 c2 DarkNo


But more seriously, I... think I already said everything over msn or LJ which is probably why I forgot to review here. XD

But rereading it after so long, I agree with you: the "Baelheit decided something was wrong the day he reached the breakfast table without having been stalked, assaulted and possibly molested on the way." line has to be the best thing ever. XD
6/29/2009 c2 45Fan Fan Girl
Your writing style is so nice. Your paragraphs and sentences are never too long, and everything is organized so well it makes for such easy reading.

Just as nice as the first chapter. I don't have much to say about it in particular, since it's so straightforward and simple. But I like it that way, and I hope you update again soon.
6/29/2009 c1 Fan Fan Girl
Hello you. 3

Things I like:

1) The fact that there exists a person that Baelheit can never win against, even using all of his intellectual might. It's just too good.

2) "Heit."

3) Pregnant Stern! I like to imagine Milly tumbling around in there. XD

Things I don't so much:

1) Montain?

On to chapter two. :D

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