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5/3/2009 c5 narglesandwrackspurts
i like it.

it may be one of the shortest so far but it is really

. easy to read

. makes sense

. follows the plot

. and pin-points the character perfectly
5/3/2009 c5 OMG
luvin da dreds
3/10/2009 c9 36A for Antechinus
Hey this was a nice chapter, I quite like the history of Anoushka, although interesting to see the relationship between her and Kelly. Anyway better go. Cheers and thanks for the update. Em
3/10/2009 c9 60Sidders91
Seriously... HOW do you do it? This girl has one appearance in the film, and she's either killed or knocked unconscious by vodka... and yet you've written this...
3/10/2009 c9 6Tristia
I've already told you I love it, but I dunno what else to write. I love the development of Anoushka...and loving that she is jealous of Kelly...may be borrowing that, but we shall see. Anyway, fantabulous!

2/16/2009 c8 Tristia
Good lord, how long were you up writing this? Anyway, excellent as usual...Love the idea of the twins in the foster home; somehow perfect for them; may incorporate that bit at least if you don't mind? Personally, I'm thinking that you should write Annabelle, and do her next, 'cos then all the main characters are done, then Peaches and Chloe (you could even do a joint chapter on them), then Annoushka, and Saffron...if you want my opinion. Anyway, hope to hear more soon. Ciao, x
2/15/2009 c8 60Sidders91
You need to stop making me say "I love". Seriously. Because I still love this, and STILL don't know how you do this so (seemingly) easily.
2/15/2009 c8 36A for Antechinus
Love it. Thanks for the update, prehaps Saffron or Anoushka. Cheers A
2/11/2009 c7 6Tristia
Wow, how interesting...Polly and Kelly friends before St. T's? Did not expect that. She seems destined to be a hacker though...I like the way you managed to get her to St. T's... I have been puzzling over that one myself. Anyway, love your chapter, as usual. I think you should do the twins next, then Beverley, Ruby and finally Camilla. If you want my opinion...

Anyway, I think I forgot your mandatory cookies/snack at the end of my last review, so two boes of doughnuts are yours,

Rachel x
2/10/2009 c7 36A for Antechinus
mm short and sweet, I liked it, but just watch the grammer, there were one or two little bits, eg her cooped up at home all wasn't" not trying to be mean really. I just thought I would let you know, anyway thanks for the update, m the next character prehaps Miss Dickinson or even the twins. Cheers A
2/10/2009 c7 9Syncopated Heartbeat
lmfao That's awesome. XD

I think I like Polly. That was lovely, and quite clever, I think. :)

Good job!
2/10/2009 c7 60Sidders91
Ah Polly, she never seems to get much of a mention. I still don't get how you manage to do this...

Me loves it though.

Oh, and Miss Dickinson plz... the woman intrigues me for some reason... there's literally nothing (well, alright, she does babble on a bit when she first gets there...) known about the woman.
1/30/2009 c6 9Syncopated Heartbeat
Short, yes, but definitely very sweet as well. Well, I think so, anyway, and I liked it, so that's clearly all that matters. XD

But haha. Chav. That word just amuses me. :)
1/29/2009 c6 6Tristia
Yay, thank you. Wow, was not expecting that! Imagine Taylor being thoughtful. Very interesting...short but sweet. As always, love your writing. This is short as I'm going out celebrating now, so keep writing and I expect to see an update in my inbox very soon. Rach x
1/28/2009 c6 36A for Antechinus
This was a short chapter, but I quite loved it, I really liked how you explained Taylor, only wish you could have expanded it a bit, but I can't be complaining, loving it, I wonder who is next. Cheers A
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