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1/28/2009 c6 60Sidders91
I really don't know how you do this. I can barely come up with a backstory for my own characters, let alone already existing ones.

Another great chapter :)
1/15/2009 c5 36A for Antechinus
mhm, I liked the chapter I think it was quite well written thanks for the update. Cheers A
1/15/2009 c5 6Tristia
Yay! You updated! You way saved my day...I've been drowning in history revision all day...

Anyway, short, but sweet. You captured Celia really well; I thin my version of her is a bit different, but I like your version too. And you went with the british aristocracy thing - good move. She somehow seems...royal, I guess. I can see her being pushed into Oxbridge too...stupid universities...and absolutely hating it. Anyway, better get back to writing my own saga...I'll update it asap! And please keep updating this, and quick. Do Taylor next...

Chocolate chip muffins in a basket for you, ciao, Rachel x
1/15/2009 c5 9Syncopated Heartbeat
Aw...I think I like this Celia girl. She's sad...but she seems so sweet. =]

I enjoyed this. =]lol
12/9/2008 c4 6Tristia
Yay, thank you for posting! And also, aww, thanks for reccommending my stories. My Andrea and your Andrea are pretty different, I think. Yet I love your idea of her too. And the Roman Catholic thing - I go to a Catholic school, and I guess there are an awful lot of emos there...that's where that idea came from. I dunno what else to say really, I really liked it (duh) and I'm sorry for whining...but hey, I got what I wanted, so I guess it worked! And of course I meant post-make over. Write quickly.

I notice you're not asking for cookies, so I'll give you apples this time, much healthier. So apples by the basket,

Rachel x
12/8/2008 c4 36A for Antechinus
Hey this was good, thanks for the update and I quite like how you described Andrea, cheers A
12/8/2008 c4 9Syncopated Heartbeat
Become 'emo'...now, I'm really not sure why, but for some reason, this made me laugh a lot...even though it's actually kind of sad, if you think about it. XD

Oh. and "the local faith high school". That was awesome. lmao
12/8/2008 c4 60Sidders91
Ah, I loves it. Though it's Andrea, and she's the fun...est... emo ever :D

'and still had a quick temper and tendency to slap her little sister.' actually made me laugh out loud, and the very last line made me grin like a moron.

So yes, awesomeness once again.
11/30/2008 c3 9Syncopated Heartbeat
=P I love these little stories. I get all happy and stuff when I read them...I don't know why though. XD It's just all, "Ooh, here's Person X in a nutshell...YAY NUTSHELL."

Anywho...put simply iLike. =]
11/30/2008 c3 6Tristia
This is perfect for Chelsea. I was wondering how the Posh Totty had come to be at St. Trinian's...like, Kelly, she's the daughter of a 'godfather', and Andrea's parents (at least in my story) are, though of british aristocracy, criminals (having gambled away the family fortune, they resort to more illegal methods to keep up appearences) and Taylor - her folk are new money... But how to explain Posh Totty? You have done it perfectly...I promise, I will bake a whole cookie store for you if you keep writing. Love it (obviously)

I hate to be mean though, but there's just one paragraph where I think you made a change and didn't quite delete the first bit or something?...I forget which bit...it's no big deal, but I thought you'd like to know (shrugs). Sorry. Anyway, brilliant...Can I maybe borrow Chelsea's background, or at least the general idea of it for Life after st trinians? It is just perfect explination! (Gosh, I can't spell without spell check!)

Cookies galore,

Rachel x
11/30/2008 c3 36A for Antechinus
I am liking this story of sorts, it is quite good. Thanks again. Cheers A
11/30/2008 c3 60Sidders91
Well, once again I love it. The backstories you've come up with are brilliant, and this one's no exception :)

Chelsea is way too entertaining for her own good... and her mum's now right up there with her.

Who next? XD
11/30/2008 c2 Sidders91
Y'know... it's thinks like this that make me hate you and your ability to write for just about anything XD

I do love this, though; it all fits just right. You + St Trinians = awesome.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
11/30/2008 c2 6Tristia
Love love love it. Kelly's history is perfect; I too had an idea that her father was a crime lord; it will come apparent in 'Life after St. Trinian's'. But aw, Frankie loves her...unlike Jimmy. You should do a history for each character - Miss Fritton and Beverley included. Anyway, love love love it.(I guess I already mentioned that, huh?) Keep wwriting though.

Rachel x

PS. You guessed right about the characters; if I was guessing for you I would guess either Kelly, or maybe Chelsea...Write more, and I will have a clearer idea!
11/29/2008 c2 36A for Antechinus
mhm, I quite like it, thanks for updating so soon, I am really enjoying this cheers A
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