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8/26/2022 c4 12broken5pieces
I don't doubt it lol
8/22/2021 c11 1TotallyNotASerialKiller
This was so fantastic to read, I’m honestly disappointed that it won’t be continued. You’ve captured Raito’s character very well and you clearly know what you’re doing in regards to plot progression and keeping true to canon characterization, as well as rational character development based on life experiences.
3/3/2019 c11 Guest
Seriously this is one of the most well-written Death Note fanfics I’ve encountered. It’s a shame that it’s been discontinued. This story has a lot of potential.
12/18/2018 c1 wushiyidao
12/18/2018 c11 wushiyidao
12/18/2018 c1 wushiyidao
5/18/2018 c11 Guest
Really enjoy reading this story
This is so far the realest Light I can read in an AU fanfic.
Hope you can update the story :)
2/3/2018 c11 Sliver Aura
Re read this for the first time in forever! Still good!
9/20/2017 c11 non-light
I’m sad to see that this is the end. Light and Beyond are compelling characters, more than worthy of the continuation of this story. I wish I could have seen Light’s plans executed – there is so much possibility for them to go up in flames with all the people he hasn’t quite accounted for and the way they influence him. And I’d love to see the development of Light’s morality from age 13 into adulthood and how it’s shaped by Beyond, L and the consequences of his own plans

Beyond himself is an entity that is irrational and yet irresistible. The dynamic between two vastly different types of genius makes for an enthralling story. I am so glad to have found this. It will influence my own ideas about the dynamic between Light and Beyond.

Thank you
9/18/2017 c1 5Caela-chan
Hi there! I left you a review a while ago to know if you were going to continue this story. I don't think you'll remember me, but I wanted to translate it in french. These last years, I wasn't in the DN fandom anymore, but with the Netflix adaptation of the manga, I regain interest in this good old fandom. :) (Not that I liked it but thanks to it, I read the manga again lol) First thing I did was to reread all my favorites fictions here, and of course yours was one of them. And I had forgotten how good your writing and this story was! I fell in love with it once again. Soooo, I'm going to ask again: are you going to continue this anytime soon, or have you abandoned it? You once told me that you were going to wait until you finished your HP stories and I just saw that it has been a while since you've updated any of your fictions. Have you lost interest in writing fanfictions in general? If so, it would be a pity, but I can totally understand you - since I, myself, put my translation on hiatus since a couple of years. It seems that all the best DN stories here were all been left on hiatus or were discontinued lol. Nevertheless, I hope you're okay and that you'll sometimes regain interest in The Avenger :) My offer to translate it is still up haha.
Wish you all the best :)
3/2/2017 c11 cecilializi
fall in love with your story…i will
Dead if i can't see the end! Waiting here …_(「ε:)_
1/11/2017 c9 aliw2016w
I want youˍ
11/21/2016 c1 Nine.yu
love your story;)
9/28/2016 c1 Marylouanna
6/17/2016 c5 Guest
As a huge fan of Light Yagami, I really enjoyed reading this. It is truly fun seeing him manipulating everyone and planning everything, and ohh so arrogant, feeling superior, viewing others as “extensions” of himself, regard them as existing primarily to serve his own needs—just as he routinely put his need before everyone else’s. After all, the most dangerous person is the master manipulator. Even Ohba already stated in the last chapter that the most intelligent character in death note is always Light Yagami, and Near is the second (but he cheated).
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