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1/7/2010 c3 72Luna Silvereyes
*laughing hysterically* Akabane rules. Seriously! Please continue the story! Oh, btw, this story and the Get Backers anime has inspired me to write my own Get Backers story!
8/23/2009 c14 9Dalara
Impatiently waiting for you to continue!
8/10/2009 c14 72Luna Silvereyes
5/30/2009 c13 Luna Silvereyes
CUTECUTECUTECUTE! I laughed all through it! Hehe, this family is gonna be so weird! Love it!
5/23/2009 c12 Luna Silvereyes
SSorry it took so long to review! I was cracking up throughout the whole chapter! I loved it! And I love Yuki! Awesomeness!

*gasps* Akabane LAUGHED! IT'S THE APOCOLYPSE! Nah, just kidding. Update soon, Cauryn, or you'll feel the fury of my minions of banana-eating hamsters!
5/16/2009 c12 7Blue bubble soap
is natsumi pregnant? XD it's the best! i wanna read it! im so looking forward to it ^U^
5/6/2009 c11 72Luna Silvereyes
Awesome! Good chapter! I especially needed to read it because I still can't get that video out of my head! T_T It helped!
4/29/2009 c10 7Blue bubble soap
uhkyyuu~! i wanna read the rest! please update soon! and please bring back natsumi! XD i wanna see the continue of they're lovey dovey time with akabane~!
3/23/2009 c10 72Luna Silvereyes
0_0 You wrote that so darned well! It was like I was there watching all of this going on! Dang, his mind shifted gears so quickly! When trauma hits, it hits hard. Poor Bane-kun. T_T
3/15/2009 c9 Luna Silvereyes
Yay! It's getting suspenseful because anyone who's watched Getbackers knows what happens for real! Keep it up, Cauryn! You're doin great!
3/2/2009 c8 Luna Silvereyes
Wahh! Kawai! I love them when they're little! So cute! Keep writing! Must! Read! More!
2/26/2009 c8 9Dalara
It's a very nice story you're writing! Please, update often! :)

P.S. *in a wisper* Akabane is the surname and Kuroudo is a personal name ;)
2/16/2009 c7 72Luna Silvereyes
*cracks up* Just as hysterical as always! I love love LOVE it! Please update soon or I'll die! T_T
2/1/2009 c6 Luna Silvereyes
Sheesh, it's about time! I loved it! Hehe, Kagami and Hakkai are hilarious! Poor Daisuke. You're so mean!

Update soon, or you shall feel the wrath of my banana eating hamsters!
1/12/2009 c4 Luna Silvereyes
Gah! It's both grisly and romantic at the same time! Love it even more the second time because, nya! I got to read the paper original for this! Go Cauryn! (and I don't know your sister's penname so...) Go M!
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