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for 5 Days of Wooing

3/30/2016 c1 4PhantomFae
Hahahahabahaahahaa! Omg, this was great!
2/20/2015 c1 CoraismyHomie
That was awesome! I can totally see Albus doing something like that!
1/7/2010 c1 1Chocopie09
12/5/2009 c1 1CYMKK09
Totally hilarious
1/2/2009 c1 32Poohdog
This is a really cute story! I like it.
12/1/2008 c1 96SylvaDragon
Roflol at the umbrella thing, that was brilliant lol. I'd expected Albus to choose to woo her in a really romantic way and instead he's like a big kid in his wooing, and it's very cute and funny lol.

And I love Minerva's increasingly irate bellows of Albus Dumbledore !

Day 5 was just so wonderful, so funny, and then so sweet. Excellent story.
11/28/2008 c1 21Stefdarlin
Tee hee! I love the last line where she tells him to never woo her again, LOL! I would imagine after almost a week of such activities, Minerva would just about be at her wits end.

This was so adorable and decidedly Albus.


Stef =o)
11/27/2008 c1 13Sophia Anya Lee

That was just so funny! I do love your writing style, and this fic was presented in quite a different format than usual. I just can imagine Albus doing all that. Hilarious story and the ending was perfect too.

11/26/2008 c1 103Missing Linka

I just wanted to write something about Huddy ... and then I read the comment by OSUSprinks ... Therefore, I can only agree ...

And Albus is such a child ... I love it ... And I love that you added a Weasley to the whole mix .. ;-)


God bless you!

11/26/2008 c1 55OSUSprinks
I could so see House and Cuddy in this, though I think Cuddy would have killed him before this point. The man certainly enjoys putting his life on the line, doesn't he. :)

Thanks for sharing!
11/25/2008 c1 tabbykitten1945
very amusing and I can qutie see him being rather like that.

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