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for A Bullet And A Fire

3/20 c1 Guest
Oh my goddddd this is so good! So fricking amazing I’ve read this story so many times now it’s one of my favorite Hurt!deans ever thank you so much for writing it
10/26/2020 c1 Jenn
Loved it! I remember that scene too and this was awesome! Thank you for sharing!
10/28/2020 c1 tbaxter
I LOVE the descriptions, this is SO good!
5/21/2019 c1 p3rfectlyn0rmalx
Wow. Just wow!
12/3/2018 c1 Guest
11/5/2018 c1 Justanangryfangirl
Well that was amazingly angsty. 10/10
12/2/2017 c1 7soundoftragedy
it was amazing to say at least. a shame there isnt a chapter two tho xd thanks anyway xx
4/6/2017 c1 Guest
Loved it
12/11/2016 c1 Guest
Amazing fanfiction well written with great idea while reading I fell like this is what I want.
12/10/2016 c1 Starstreakwriter
I was like i'm in deseperate need of chapter two! Youre a grwat writer! Please write more!
1/5/2016 c1 1Thegirlwhoneverforgot
I love this! i loved i loved it! please please please add an epilogue? im maddeningly curious to find out what happened to dean after that *puppy eyes*
11/17/2015 c1 RaptorAttax
Dude that was amazing! you should make more like this
10/25/2015 c1 Guest
Aw i loved that so much!
8/1/2015 c1 CarneolCalendula
I love your writing style. This is awesome.
2/6/2015 c1 marycarman59
can you write some more of it please
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