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2/6/2012 c10 3LaNaturalBreezeOf-Books
oh gosh...i'll say keep it a support thing. There's one gay couple already...bella should be with jacob. Think about Emmett! It's really sweet.

Keep updating-it's so catching! If you're suffering from writer's block you can message ppl for ideas. Don't abandon this!
10/11/2010 c10 17LA91
this is good :) cant wait for more :)
11/29/2009 c10 emily1hotfriend
wow i love the edward and Jasper together cool couple. great thing. please write more soon..
8/8/2009 c10 2ssmg
im so fucking pissed off. you start a fucking story and then dont even decide to finish it, not even giving an explanation! you are such a coward.
4/19/2009 c10 l'marie.wilson
OMG, this story is so good. Jasper and Edward are my favorite. I love them...together. What's up with Bella and Alice, huh? I can't wait to find out how this all unfolds.

You're doing a great job - keep it up!
4/18/2009 c10 11kaiistar
Cool story Can't wiat for the next chapter!
3/29/2009 c10 Bufster
Alice and Bella should get together, it would be cute and fix everything!
3/29/2009 c10 1Kagzii
omg i thin you should get alice and bella together

that would be soo funny.

then e&j have a whole blow out with them.

love this great work

-give you a cookie-
3/26/2009 c10 1becky2qt2bstr8
nice chapter, although i hated edward leaving jasper. I always had the feeling that mike would react stupidly to a couple of males coming out, so i liked the way you made him react.

concerning alice and bella...hm. I'd be fine with either option. just don't rush it. okay? if alice, who is imensely hurt at the moment, just jumps into a new relationship,it'll feel wrong (plus, in real life the chances for that to work out are like a trillion to one)

hope you can loose your writer's block soon,

3/26/2009 c10 3ArgetlamShadowmoon
If Bella and Alice would be a happy couple...then go for it. I love them as a couple as long as they actually love each other. But otherwise your story is amazing and if you put those two together it would have my two favorite non-canon couples. I prefer these versions to the canon couples. But your writing is pretty good and I am glad to be a reader of your stories.
3/25/2009 c9 1Legionfan231
Update soon? It was cute..and romantic...and awkward at times...
3/25/2009 c9 1InkStar145
Oh...a kiss in front of all those people? Wow, Edward sure does the unexpected~

I can't wait to see the response they get~ =D
3/24/2009 c9 Harlequin Jade
OMG! Edward kissed Jasper! in front of the whole class room? Lol! Nice! I like it. Looking forward to reading more!
3/24/2009 c9 8Spunkette Ransom
That was really good: Why did ya leave meh hangin'?
3/24/2009 c9 Hdgwkcgekfje
oo yay! loved the ending and i cant wait to see peoples reactions.

aw and the bit with emmett was sweet, i am glad that he is okay with them :)

grt chap as always :)
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