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10/22/2009 c1 15The One Called Demetra
Oh, great imagery, very creepy.

I have my own theories on that, actually. Light kills those two guys and feels hugely guilty...but then he convinces himself that they deserved to die, which meant to him that he wasn't a murderer after all. But then in his new they-deserve-to-die mentality, he figures that if he doesn't kill all the criminals, he'd be just as guilty because he'd be letting innocents get killed. And then the idea of a new world kind of cemented itself in his mind and one thing lead to another and...yeah. If he hadn't been tempted to try the Note just that once, none of it would have happened, because Light may hate criminals and think that the world is rotting, without the first kill he wouldn't have crossed the line into the whole mass murder thing at all, as can be seen from volumes 5 and 6-thus all the apple/forbidden fruit business with Ryuk.

...sorry, rambling.

But like I was saying, this is brilliant and chilling. wish there was more than just 2 chapters...

8/5/2009 c2 7Vandenberg
This is quite interesting-really hope you update soon. :P

1/3/2009 c2 2StormWolf91
Hm, this is interesting. Its like Light's acquiring a Shinigami mindset...
12/31/2008 c2 6Spork or Foon
Great idea! I love reading fics where Light is innocent in some way, or makes everything right again. Made me think of Spider Man 3 for moment, but this is still a good start. Hope to see more of this ^_^
12/29/2008 c2 4shiai10
Wow that was really good. Me personally I agree with the whole Kira and Light being seperate personalities. I wonder if you will give Kira a voice and not only ave it from only Light's pov. Anyway update soon ^-^ Plz and Thank you
12/13/2008 c2 60Megii of Mysteri OusStranger
omg gosh brilliant amazing original awesome can't wait for next chappie woo!
12/12/2008 c2 Vanity
nice, completely different to everything else, most say Light has a split personality not many do a possesion. Like how you have written this chapter,

12/12/2008 c2 173SkywardShadow
Wow...I love this perspective. Who knows? You might budge my opinion of (baka) Yagami Raito!

*ahem* Another fabulous chapter; really well-written! ^_^
12/12/2008 c2 17Halan Lore
Poor Raito-kun... ^^
12/12/2008 c2 4The Apple's Pie
Oo... That gave me the shivers, reading the possession~ I love it. Keep it up please! X3
12/12/2008 c2 11RandomTopic
Hmm... I think this chapter could be so much more. I don't think you flushed out the horror at not being able to control one's own body.

I also don't like the flashback. I really think you should stick to telling this chapter chronologically.

I hope that there will be some deviation from the canon. Maybe Raito will fight and cause L to notice something's off.
11/29/2008 c1 18Gabi Howard
Oh my word... are you telepathic by any chance? It's just that this is EXACTLY how I imagined the Note worked, right down to the colours of the tendrils! Sorry, I'm excited. XD Can't wait to see what you do with this!
11/28/2008 c1 173SkywardShadow
This looks fascinating. Good first chapter. ^_^
11/28/2008 c1 17Halan Lore
Awesome idea!
11/28/2008 c1 4Opalynne
Well, that was certainly a very hooking prologue. I'm eager to see where this goes. ^-^
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