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for Race to the Finish

8/13/2010 c2 Snowkid
well, that was something, hope your gonna update somewhere in the futur. its a good story. and if nao/shun is in it i love itxD
11/22/2009 c1 birdy
AH you really need to finish this story its soo good. When I saw the end for the 2nd chapter I nearly screamed going "why, how could u do this to me I need to know what happens next!" but yeah I REALLY hope you update it... XD please
12/16/2008 c3 1vampires247
Aw... the story is great and interesting (I'm thinking everything's interesting to me, but anyways) but the first part in this chapter is a bit confusing... if you would please clear it out, I get the phone thing other than that, (0_0)?
11/29/2008 c2 45SoaringHellButterfly
Oh! I know who the fouth rider is! It should've been so obvious to me! An ice dragon for a symbol! This is such an awesome story, please update ASAP! Good, great, WONDERFUL!
11/28/2008 c1 2darkangel1910
I wonder who the fourth rider

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