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12/25/2020 c1 Guest
You are such an amazing writer, I love the way you write our boys! Please continue writing ! Spnlady
10/18/2020 c1 88shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
This was such a neat twist to season 4, I could totally see this happening! I loved the brothers' relationship, poor Sam, and how protective Dean is. Cas was wonderful too, deciding (of course) to punish Uriel for his actions. The whole getting to Sam in his dreams was super freaky and frightening and worked really well!
9/3/2015 c4 jessica222
Keep writing, I frigginlove it 3 ;D
1/2/2015 c4 brightflare
Really good story so far, hope you continue it sometime.
8/21/2013 c4 1firenovaphoenix
I really like where this is heading or where it could lead. I'd love it if you found the time to add to this. I always kind of wanted to see Uriel try to overstep by going after Sam, and I'd like to see you write Dean putting Uriel back in his place. Of course, along with some suffering Sammy and brotherly love and one of your good old fashioned happy endings :D
But the main point is, I really like the story of this and the chemistry it brings back to the brothers. I'd definitely follow this one should you continue it XD
1/11/2013 c4 Guest
More please this is good stuff
7/26/2012 c2 Lexy
Well Cas way to be a dick
12/14/2010 c4 PVersusNP
Wait...why does it say "Complete" at the top of the page? You haven't given up on this have you?

It's awesome, and I'm so glad I stumbled on it. I suggest you get a beta though, as I'm so OCD about spelling and stuff that the mistakes detracted from the story a bit (probably just me though).

Another chapter of this brilliance? Please? :)
9/8/2009 c1 13sayrae3times
This was cute. I loved this - "Suddenly Angels were dicks...Angels. And Demons were helping them. Demons." It was so true. And so eloquently put! I love how the show had flipped the personalities of the two beings, confusing their audience and not just going with the norm. Angels with fluffy wings would have drove Dean crazy, not to mention the rest of us! Awesome little fic!
6/21/2009 c4 14Tripod Gal
Hey this is really interesting. I hope that you wil update it soon
12/4/2008 c4 96CHAILYN
oh...holy shit hun! sammy is just breaking my heart i swear! i personally want to like go and kick uriel's ass for him. me and you...we could make a day trip out of it, yes?

but ohmygod...time he has left? and sam begging uriel to not send dean to hell and talking all the blame for it =insert blubbering here=

and damn i loved that line where dean asks sam if he would mind getting off of him in that concerned way cause that is JUST how dean would play it.

you just keep getting better and better i SWEAR!

now i know how busy you are with school and stuff but i just can not wait for chapter 5!

i. am. fangirling. YOU.

Yes, that is a fact. you are so awesome, i am no longer fangirling jensen, but you.

12/2/2008 c4 cutelildevil818
hey, new reader and frikkin glad to be one. im a sucker for sam hurt, and this is like feeding the fire. your a great writer, and i love how you have incorporated the readers ideas into the story...ive never seen anyone do that before. and it just made it that much better. lookin forward to the next chapter. and sick sam? YIPE!
12/2/2008 c3 CHAILYN
moremoremore! oh my god...i dont want you to end this one...i have to say i flat out love the the way you started this ...and dean telling sam that he was meant to live...oh wow...so im fighting the urge to not just cry but blubber.

this was so amazing, and touching, and im going to get some tissues and cry for the boys some more.
12/2/2008 c2 CHAILYN
oh my god! you guessed it im the devil or else really sleep deprived lol.

this. was. awesomeness.

poor samyy! why? whay must you be so good at abusing sammy! and yes...im terrified of uriel. really terrified.
12/2/2008 c4 aworland
great new chapter

plz add more soon
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