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12/1/2008 c4 212PlatinumRoseLady
*Tears up* Damn, girl, you are making me lose it all over the place here!

Poor poor Sammy...
12/1/2008 c4 111IheartSam7
no massacre. Just a whole lot of angst and awesomeness :D D :D

I want pukey Sam. *big grin* Puhlease...
12/1/2008 c4 32vonnie836
Ooh, I love what you did with this. Uriel is so wonderfully evil (can an angel be evil?) and he tortures poor Sam. Love Dean being in worry mode. And you sure left this off with a promise for more - the time you've got left. Awesome. Just continue this way, can't wait for chapter five. Hugs, Vonnie
12/1/2008 c4 88darksupernatural
Another awesome chapter Fee! I love the thought of You taking our suggestions and turning them into this awesome work. Would love to see more of that, maybe with Sam using his powers in the end to save the angels from Demons and getting them off his back for good! Keep up the awesome work and I'll be waiting patiently for the rest of this!
12/1/2008 c1 Chailyn
ohmygod hun i am so glad i finally got a chance to read this. and SORRY how long it took! you are so awesome...i can't wait to read everything and i just LOVE how nice castiel is to sammy.

makes me happy :D

and yay for sam's determination on a future in hell...he can party it up with us there :D

and sorry i didn't sign in...im snagging a school comp lol. awesomenss though hun! and i feel so bad for sam...he's depressed he needs an ice cream cone

12/1/2008 c3 FigureInTheAshtray
I did enjoy this, so if you wanna write more, I'm really not going to complain! You've got the boys characters down to a tee. Very nicely done.

12/1/2008 c3 32vonnie836
Can I have more, pretty please. I really would like to see more of this story. See Sam get hurt more seriously and Dean be awesome big brother again. Maybe he could work it out with Castiel to call Uriel off. You are doing great with this one. Hugs, Vonnie
11/30/2008 c3 dani
yes more...more would be very very nice :D
11/30/2008 c3 3Just A Tad Bit Fanatic
That was a good chapter and all I have to say is Uriel creeps me out...majorly
11/30/2008 c3 Jessica
wow dean helped sammy definently want more add more now now and hurry thanks
11/30/2008 c3 83sammygirl1963
Awesome chapter. Thanks goodness Dean woke Sammy up in time, but can he help him the next time if Uriel comes after him once again in his dreams?

Looking forward to more if you decide to add it!
11/30/2008 c3 212PlatinumRoseLady

You write Sam and Dean's dynamic so well.

"It felt real" Sam said in such a small voice.

*Wants to cuddle Sam so badly.*
11/30/2008 c3 88darksupernatural
It is so wonderful to get multiple chapters out of you. Please keep going! I'd love to see Dean keeping his promise and protecting Sam, even in his dreams.
11/30/2008 c3 111IheartSam7
yea that was pretty much awesome. More please...
11/29/2008 c2 212PlatinumRoseLady

Great work. Upsetting, but great.
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