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for Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

1/11 c37 fiadhoftheunbrokenwinds
well, now I'm really sad. I actually cried. I was very attached to Max.
12/10/2021 c37 JuliusMD
Thank you for writing the second book. Why are they not using floo travel?
12/9/2021 c25 JuliusMD
Couldn't a house-elf just have fetched her uniform from Charmbridge?
12/8/2021 c7 JuliusMD
Why do you call it Indian Magic? You probably mean Native American?
11/13/2021 c35 Hoseoko
Oh my god I’m so fucking angry about this
10/31/2021 c37 Haplo12345
Wait, the wizard rail trains travel through the *Land Below* to fold space?! That seems... huge. Astronomically huge.
10/2/2021 c1 Rievero
amazing story
9/3/2021 c37 Guest
Grest story
8/9/2021 c37 Guest
"And did you warn the muggles?"

Right Alex, that's the right point. His goals might be good, (I dont know yet since he refuses to actually talk and explain) but if this is the method then he should be given over to the government.
7/21/2021 c2 SomeGuyFawkes
See? This is why KGB sounds a lot like "Cagey B(eeyotch)". ;)
6/20/2021 c37 28illjwamh
You cannot imagine how much I've been sucked into this story. It currently consumes roughly 90% of my free time. I'm moving on to year 3 right now.
6/20/2021 c35 illjwamh
I was waiting for that. It happened sooner than I was expecting, actually.
6/20/2021 c33 illjwamh
Was not expecting something like that in only year 2. Dang.
5/18/2021 c37 Joao felipe
Great book, much better than the first one!
5/4/2021 c37 Guest
The first two books have been incredible reads. I’m really looking forward to the next two. Thank you so much!
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