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for Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

3/22/2017 c14 pinks99
Great chapter! :)
3/22/2017 c13 pinks99
Nice chapter! Though I don't know why Max feels so protective over a half-sister that he barely knows.
3/22/2017 c12 pinks99
Oh wow, didn't see that coming!
3/22/2017 c10 pinks99
Good! Glad she left.
3/22/2017 c6 pinks99
Interesting chapter!
3/21/2017 c2 pinks99
Like the mannequin scene!
3/21/2017 c1 pinks99
Rut ro!
3/16/2017 c37 Guest
Really good. I wish max was alive
2/14/2017 c37 Guest
great read, thank you for the story!
cant review much, gotta read on รด.O
2/12/2017 c37 Guest
Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I have read both of your first 2 books. You are an amazing writer. I'm so sad about Max which tells me the story really touched me. I can't wait to read more
1/29/2017 c37 Remnae
I'm still crying over Maximilian's death-that's how much I loved his character. I'll probably continue to cry in future chapters too. I absolutely love your writing and your ideas are so original. It fits right in with the wizard if world.
1/23/2017 c37 Anon
I was crying at the end. I loved Max. You are a great writer!
1/19/2017 c37 www.ihavenolife.com
I have nothing constructive to say, I just really love these stories and I'm excited to read more
1/3/2017 c37 Guest
Authors are very insistent on killing their readers.
10/28/2016 c37 Mariagoner
This was an intensely sad ending, yet an oddly fitting one. I can quite imagine Alex becoming more and more dark herself, as she searches for ways to bring her beloved brother back, to be honest...
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