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for Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

6/20/2021 c33 28illjwamh
Was not expecting something like that in only year 2. Dang.
5/18/2021 c37 Joao felipe
Great book, much better than the first one!
5/4/2021 c37 Guest
The first two books have been incredible reads. I’m really looking forward to the next two. Thank you so much!
4/12/2021 c37 jerk from before
Stayed up reading to complete it, excellent work!

General feedback:

fighting scenes were executed much better
writing as a whole got better after first third
felt like there's more going on with Darla, and wonder if that's a subplot that will continue
(TBH I was thrown off because my imagination ran wild and I thought Martin had bewitched her somehow and Max was rotten and they were going to betray Alex, and Darla would be found to be a puppet... guess I got that one wrong :P )
Lands Below were well done, felt like a distinct place (I still feel some of the Charmbridge/America feels a /little/ flat, while other parts are great -like Croatoa/Roanoke-... though that may just be because in canon Britishisms are all different for me too)
Though I'm not sure how you're going to play Thorn, I felt like you did a good job showing his different sides. Why Alex would hate/fight him, like/love him, or sort of third side/sometime ally/enemy. Also how with Max the dark side came through, and was almost like the young idealistic Thorn before his choices took him in a (at the very least somewhat, I assume) selfish vs selfless direction.

Anyway, great work. It's probably been over a year since I last 'finished' a fanfic (with few professional works besides), so, again, really well done!
3/30/2021 c37 Mario
Your story about Alexandra is amazing! thank you so much for such a book (books)!

1/24/2021 c8 danielpheonix
mors Mortis means death death it's a stupid name
11/13/2020 c37 NadahLake
Duuuude. Do you know how hard I cried when Max died? I haven't cried that hard from a book in years. I both hate and love that you were able to play me like that. You're writing is fantastic and this is easily becoming one of my favorite book series. Thank you for gifting us this story, It is really generous. -A reader named Alexandra
10/7/2020 c37 Indecisive.Undecided
Im crying so much. I loved Maximilian's character and his bond with Alex. I hate that he had to die but I'm too invested in your stories now to give up.
9/12/2020 c37 Iniga
I spent half the book warming up to Max (I guess it runs in the family because that's how long it took me to warm up to Alex last book) and was crying over him by the end. I was a little surprised that Darla went SO dark, but I probably shouldn't have been. And a small moment that stands out to me is the narrative comment that the standardized tests were close by Anna's measurement and far away by Alexandra's measurement. Alex and Anna are so good for each other and I love their friendship. And the focus on standardized tests throughout the books is well played.

As to your author's note, I did stalk you on LiveJournal just a little bit. Those HP-style book covers are beautiful! And I liked your review of David McCullough's John Adams biography. Chernow is also a great biographer, and his Hamilton biography is obviously excellent, but I like McCullough better. :) I seem to recall that McCullough meant to write his Jefferson biography first, but fell so in love with Adams that he switched his subject and got back to Jefferson later. The depth of his affection for his subject really shows, I think.
8/19/2020 c37 Magika
This is one of, if not the best, fanfiction I have ever read. It's better than many traditionally published works I've read. I love how while you use the lore from Harry Potter, you've created a new world within it that feels original without being jarring. The world building, characters, writing style, plot, everything is fantastic. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series, and will be checking out your other works also.

And thank you for sharing.
7/25/2020 c37 Darth Tsuru
First of all, I am sad because of how this story ends. Which was totally your intention and really well written.

I love the balance between action plot advancement character developpement and politics. A lot of other stories begin with cool ideas but then stagnate halfway through with endless discussions in courtrooms.

I haven't yet read any other story set outside of the books setting, so this has been enormously refreshing. (mistake on my part;)

I look forward to reading about the next years, but there was a spoiler in the description of the story of a later year...

Although it makes me sad sometimes I also like how you handle in story catastrophies and don't try to safe everyone.
Every emotion has its place in literature. First time I read some Dubledore bashing i laughed my a**e off. the next few i became properla angry. Now its rather stale.

Well... I think I have sung enough praise for now, but you deserve it.
Thank you
7/25/2020 c37 Darth Tsuru
Frist of all, i am sad because of how this story ends. Which totally was your intention and really well written.
I haven'r yet read any other story not containing any characters ftom the hp books, so this has been enormously refreshing, yet familiar
7/13/2020 c37 Guest
How obviously corrupt is the confederation for Darla to have no charges pressed against her.
7/7/2020 c37 Tina
Alexandra's adventure is truly entertaining. I was really impressed, especially when I heard lands below and lands beyond.
7/5/2020 c37 Emi
Hi! i would just like to let you know that I like Alexandra's story so freaking much. it may or may not be 3 am and i may or may not be crying because of max, but I just want to thank you for writing this story!
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