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for Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

8/12/2017 c15 SirRacha
calling it now Max is a big fat liar who lies
8/12/2017 c14 SirRacha
human names for animals is always funny for some reason. Also if David was white he would fit the upper middle class social activist stereotype to a t
8/12/2017 c13 SirRacha
the Mors Mortis society already hurt people
8/12/2017 c7 SirRacha
man all her authority figures suck ass no wonder she has no trust in them
8/12/2017 c5 SirRacha
wow these teachers are really retarded and I really mean that. They do nothing but show a student they already doesn't trust or like them that they can't be trusted. If anything ever happens no student would ever go to a teacher and for a very good reason because boy they are so fucken bad and being teachers.
8/10/2017 c37 Guest
I'm doing an internship at the moment in a plant research laboratory. The work is actually quite challenging. And I think that it is really very inconsiderate of you to kill Maximilian. How am I meant to concentrate on my experiments now? And what excuse would I give for all the time that I'm hiding in the bathroom because I think I might cry? You are a terrible, terrible person and I hope you repent by writing another sequel, SOON. Preferably one where Max comes back.
7/25/2017 c29 Jabanero
So this is my first review for the story so far. Let me just say that the fic is excellent so far. It is exciting, with a cool protagonist, and an engaging world. That being said, this chapter is also where I must voice my first serious criticism, in particular about Abraham Thorn and his sudden Idiot Ball. If Thorn, an extremely patient and calculating man who's perfectly willing to invest his time into long, uncertain schemes to reach his goals, has been willing to let Max tackle the Lands Below mystery alone, why does he suddenly give a blank cheque to Alexandra to do anything she wants if she helps Max get to the Lands Below - which is not all that big of a deal since he probably expected Max to eventually solve the mystery anyway? "I swear I'll do anything you want" is a pretty big risk to take when dealing with an impulsive young girl who doesn't really seem to like you, and I doubt "he has a soft spot for his daughter" (if that's the case) is enough of an excuse for that. It seems too reckless, too impatient to be in character for Abraham Thorn. Unless, of course, the trick is that the oath wasn't magically binding and Thorn will just break the oath if Alexandra asks too much, which actually seems sensible enough since they didn't touch wands or anything like Alex did with Larry. In that case, I guess I'd have to retract my complaints - I'm curious to see how this will work out. But if I find out that Thorn really swore a blank cheque magical oath and took such an enormous risk for so little gain, I'll be a little disappointed.
5/7/2017 c37 7RedtailHawk19
Best Fan series, I have ever read. JK should have you write for anything magical america. Thank you for writing these stories. I love all of your characters. Well maybe not Alexandra's dad, he's very well written but man he is a jerk. But your writing is amazing, I really enjoy reading it. I was really impressed with the land below. I had chills run down my spine when reading it. RIP Max. Hope hes in a better place. I really like how you wrote Alex's interactions with her siblings and Ms king. I'm glad they all supported each other. I really like Alex's friends and cant wait to read more of your awesome story. Thanks for sharing it.
3/24/2017 c37 pinks99
This was a poignant end to the second year. Thanks for posting these stories!
3/24/2017 c36 pinks99
Urgh, Grimm again!
3/24/2017 c35 pinks99
Very well-written chapter!
3/24/2017 c34 pinks99
3/24/2017 c33 pinks99
Wow, is he really gone?
3/24/2017 c32 pinks99
Great chapter! I'm guessing the house elf will play a key role in them escaping.
3/23/2017 c31 pinks99
I'm afraid of what the hospitality will be!
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