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12/3/2008 c2 Lady Himura 28

I'Ve AlwAyZ YouR SToRies.. And ThE Songs!

It FiTs So WEll!
12/2/2008 c2 7LimeGrass
*sniff* That chapter broke my little heart but I love the feelings it evoked. That deep bittersweet feeling of regret at the end was beautiful. Now I wonder, did he truly love her during their moments together? (personal note: Kenshin you baka!)

I really enjoyed this so please do write more.

12/2/2008 c2 2xXoro-chanXx
omg u have to write a sqeul to thins
12/1/2008 c1 Lady Himura 28
I liKe it!

It GoEs WEll WitH The Song!

HopE You'LL Do MorE StorIes!

... ThAnks!

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