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9/28/2016 c7 iwokeuponthewrongsideoflife
I loved Virgil, one of my top 5 Supernatural OCs of all time. I just loved this story in general, it was awesome, and kept me on my toes. And it had the perfect amounts of angst and comfort and it made me sad and made me laugh and, it was just great.
9/28/2016 c5 iwokeuponthewrongsideoflife
NO! Not the knives! Sorry, I don't even know why that hit me so hard, that he lost his knives from his dad :'( but it did
9/27/2016 c4 iwokeuponthewrongsideoflife
"Marvel or DC?"
"Marvel all the way, man," Virgil grinned.
Dean returned the grin, raising his hand for a high-five. "All right!"

I could hug them both right now, this made me so happy and so freaking proud. I love Marvel.
6/30/2016 c7 3mckydstarlight
I'm going to miss Brenna. I really am. I will eventually read all of your fics on here but you've already told me that this was Brenna's last and I'm going to miss her. She's probably one of the greatest OC's out there, and that includes Virgil (he's pretty great too).
6/29/2016 c2 mckydstarlight
So first first of all, adjdidkshsjajsjdjdjajsnrkkajdhj! That ending! Second of all, ahdjdkskabahdhsiahabahdjdjajsbddjdisk! That ending!
And third of all, andmfldkanajaisjajakakwoskdkskskskskskskakwknqjsjsjdi! THAT ENDING!

Ok. Now that I'm done freaking out, I absolutely love that you put the boys getting their tattoos in this story but I did notice something that the readers who read it as it was posted missed. In the first chapter when Dean is looking in the mirror at the miraculously healed bruises on his chest you mentions his anti-possession tattoo. I only noticed it because I read the first two chapters within minutes of each other. I'm loving this. I can't wait to see Brenna again, although I have a sinking feeling that she's not gonna be around much longer.
3/28/2015 c7 67CornishGirl
Wow. What a long, meaty, wonderful ride. Such incredible emotions for all of the characters as well as for we readers! I have loved Brenna since meeting her in "Holding On To let Go," have enjoyed her other appearances, and was quite glad to see her in this story. Dean deserves a woman like her in his arms and heart, a woman who knows his soul and all the pain and grief coupled with the loyalty and dedication.

As always, thank you-and kudos!
7/13/2013 c7 1Nadamalki
One of my top three favorite stories of yours, come to think of it, it's probably my very favorite. It wasn't as complex as your other stories, which made many of the scenes easier to imagine, and had me focusing on Dean a bit more without the distraction of wraiths and even pirates ha!

The action scenes were so intense my eyes were darting through the lines before my mind had enough time to register the words! There was this one scene where my lungs forgot how to breathe and just hung there inside of me like unnecessary sponge; the scene when that wizard tore the first slice into Sam's shoulder and Dean started bleeding in the other side. I don't think I've ever read something like this in any fiction or novel. That scene was just so bizarre and new to me...

This story had such a sense of melancholy from beginning to end. Dean's fear and hopelessness was tearing me to bits. I've seen it many times in you stories, but what made it all more painful to read here was how Dean was quietly if not desperately trying to pull himself out of it. His slight attempt to get his hopes up halfway through the story only to have it come tumbling down was just too painful to read. I'm glad you left it a bit loose-ended there, giving us and Dean some rope to cling on to, otherwise I would've been crushed.

You healed me as a reader along with Dean when you brought Brenna up. I was never more thankful for her presence here compared to your other stories, it seemed like Dean never needed her more. The last love scene, Dean waking up to find that she's gone, the letter she left him, goodness I'm in tears again! Screw you Gaelic!

Ugh I'm so depressed. See your stories puts my brain on over-drive, you take me on ride to this other world filled with trains and sinking ships and caves and dark forests filled with zombies and ghosts and pirates and werewolves, and then when I finish reading, I realize that I'm simply back in my living room on my rocking chair, everything so ordinary, makes me realize how boring life is!

I'm gonna need some time to get over this one before I continue my escapade through your other stories, this one truly left me breathless. I don't think I'll ever read a story as good as this one...
7/11/2013 c7 4Freya922
This was a gripping story, with a lot of complexity and depth. I especially liked your original characters, Brenna and Virgil - both fascinating. This was not only set when things were so intense - with the clock ticking down on Dean's one year - but you added additional elements, including these overlapping love and/or loyalty triangles: Sam/Dean/Brenna and Dean/Virgil/Brenna. That, plus the overall plot with the wizard and the dagger, was REALLY interesting. You do such a great job with the boys' banter, as well as just their physicality; when you describe a facial expression, a gesture, a fight, or a love scene - it is very vivid. Great job.
5/23/2013 c7 grea8read
Love the Brenna stories. I liked that you put Virgil in this one too.

Your ability to write a story that is as great the first time read as it is the 10th time read is such a gift to us readers.
Thank you for sharing your time and talent.
6/7/2011 c1 26LolaAnn
I know you wrote this a while ago, but I just stumbled across it. The writing is beautiful and you've really captured the Winchesters. I can *see* them both when I read your story. I love it! Just wanted to let you know :-)
4/29/2011 c7 10Zinfer
Great job! I was touched by Dean's personal moment, really sweet. My sister and I are finally starting season 6 (after plowing through the first 5 seasons at an ungodly speed). And I definitely need a sustaining amount of brotherly love right now and who better to supply it for me than u!:)
4/26/2011 c1 Zinfer
I love how I read what happened to the victims of the case and just assume that's gonna happen to dean XD. Builds the anticipation (so evil I know). Let's see what happens ^_^
8/8/2010 c7 5Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
Love is the weapon that wounds us. And love is what heals us.

This is what your story whispered to me in the quiet moments while listening to Led Zeppelin in the background.

And here's something I found for you. You may have heard it before but I thought the line about fighting for a brother and cheating death was so appropriate.:)

Seo sláinte an tséitéara, an ghadaí, an trodaí, agus an óltóra!

Má dhéanann tu séitéireacht, go ndéana tú séitéireacht ar an mbás,

Má ghoideann tú, go ngoide tú croí mná;

Má throideann tú, go dtroide tú i leith do bhráthar,

Agus má ólann tú, go n-óla tú liom féin.
8/8/2010 c6 Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
I think the insertion of lyrics in a story adds to it. I like to load up the tunes and listen to them as I read the story. To me it adds a depth and another richness to it.

One of these days I'm going to try Darkside Of The Rainbow.LOL

So keep up the good work and keep the music coming.

8/8/2010 c5 Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
I'm walking the knife's edge of tension here. I can't quit reading.Great story so far.On to the next chapter.
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