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4/9 c37 finaleluke
Noooooo i require a finish i beg
4/7 c37 SPark681
Hmm, took me awhile to finally knuckle down and get caught up on this story glad I did now have to wait till the newest chapter comes out so keep up the great work!
3/22 c4 PrimordialNyx
im enjoying the story so far, the only annoying part is that in the last four chapters you have changed narutos eye color 4 times. First it was blue, then purple after kushina took off the seal, then green when he met his zanpakuto, and now back to blue when he meets inoichi.
3/19 c30 ItzJoe
you keep calling him a kyuubi yet he only has 1 tail? you've literally got free reign writing a fanfiction and you stuck with the same boring ass transformations from the manga? how creative...
3/14 c37 Ariadne Venegas
I really like this fic and I share your views about the mangaka.

But why did you give them the rinnegan they have Nagato, they are ninjas and know how dangerous is to leave ocular dojutsu out there why they didn’t destroy them? That part made no sense to me.

All the other of this fic is really good I’m happy with Hinata upgrade even if I don’t like the character from the manga. Yours is better!

I would have love Ino had something too. I hope they can destroy the husk of the jonbi in time. And that Sasuke doesn’t get a god upgrade like in the maga. I hate it.

Naruto is an Uzumaki he deserves a natural rinnegan more than Sasuke. Maybe a son of his?

Can you do an epilogue about the babies that are not Boruto? Also I hope Kakashi will have some kids he is from an important clan too.

I hate Boruto with all my heart! It is so stupid, all of it.
3/13 c30 Ariadne Venegas
Why did they left a body? Why did they don’t burn it or hide the eyes?
3/13 c25 Ariadne Venegas
But Itachi was to guard the Daymio?
And I imagine They killed his partner why let him live?
3/7 c1 Kitten Arina
No thank you. It appears that you can’t talk anyone who is not apart of your generation. I personally find that type of behavior to be disrespectful because you don’t know who will come a cross your story to begin with. You are showing to me just how immature you are with the way you are introducing yourself. It really makes me not want to read anything here because it shows you know nothing in how to respect your readers in the first place. I don’t mind cross overs if done right but with all the shows that you mentioned. I personally think you have to much going on and one of them I never got into in the first place.

Still I will give this a trail run but You have two major strikes against you.
2/23 c14 PaleFeed
Wow this went from kind of bad to absolute garbage really quick
2/13 c9 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/13 c8 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/13 c7 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/13 c6 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/13 c5 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/13 c4 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
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