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1/27 c37 13Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
The addition of Fugaku to the Tobi role was a nice twist there. I was confused at first, but the reveal of two Tobi was definitely an unexpected event.

Definitely made it more interesting than if it were just one guy.
1/27 c37 bankai777
I never expected that Fugaku would be one of the suspects
1/27 c37 1buterflypuss
good chap
1/27 c37 101VFSNAKE
Interesting twist. So Fugaku was in on things too. All the more reason to stomp his ass. Mikoto is going to fuck him up!
1/27 c37 marioluciosemedo
I never suspected Fugaku to be behind it all?
Who was Madara talking to? Are the three Uchiha being manipulated? Is it a Outsutsuki, a demon, an evil spirit, an actual God!?
1/1 c36 DracoKing30
really love this story can't wait for new chapters
12/24/2023 c36 Guest
Please, if you are going to make the sequel I'm thinking of, please keep Himawari as Naruto's daughter, she is one of the few boruto characters worth saving
12/22/2023 c1 FlawedBauthor
12/14/2023 c30 silversnitch4765
The way this Naruto is, he would have never allowed Nagato’s body to leave with the eyes. He knew they were not his and someone was pulling the strings, it is just completely out of his character.
12/11/2023 c36 1buterflypuss
Good chap
12/11/2023 c36 marioluciosemedo
As much as I like the original transformation Naruto had after receiving the Biju's gifts, I'm not sure if I agree with that being his Bankai. Unless I misinterpreted it and you have yet to reveal its appearance. I miss the old length of your chapters, they felt like they made up for the wait.
12/11/2023 c36 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Looking forward to what happens next!
12/10/2023 c36 HyperA2019
Will Naruto unlock an old special ability?
12/10/2023 c36 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Madara kicked a lot of ass but Naruto shows he's got mad skills needed to put Tobi in his place.
10/1/2023 c33 Guest
So the sage stupidly allows his two sons to continue to wage war. How fucking stupid of him.
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