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10/26/2009 c6 14Pimpernel Princess
This was fun-Scarlett makes me laugh.

I was glad to see Charles as the Ghost of Christmas Past-he's overlooked so often because he died with so little closure. Frank was creepy-that chapter gave me goosebumps.

I'm also happy that Scarlett and Rhett got their happy ending. Well done!

May the muse be with you,

3/29/2009 c6 42Ieyre
Ah, the final chapter. Yes, the reunion was cheesy, but I'll have to thank Alica for inspiring the cornball factor, because I enjoyed it. Scarlett sending him the house key, and Rhett at first thinking it was the key to her heart, before realizing that this is SCARLETT we're talking about, made me laugh. Also, the comparing Rhett to a Bronte hero thing reminded me of a plot bunny I had awhile ago...so, hey, you might have inspired a 'Rhett and Scarlett talk about Jane Eyre' fic, who knows?

I think that a lot of Rhett's emotional guardedness must come from his father and their relationship, so the letter at the end was a really good thing. Nothing like some good old fashioned daddy issues to brighten up one's day. Anyway, overall, very enjoyable Christmas read, and I hope to see more Christmas stuff in the years to come...or maybe just more Facing the Enemy. Hope you are somewhat appeased at getting some extra reviews on this thing :D
3/28/2009 c5 Ieyre
Yay for making amends. I honestly don't have a lot to say for this chapter, because of any one of the chapters I felt this one followed the original book the most. But I did enjoy Mrs. Meade's reaction to Scarlett and her and Ashley's conversation.

And now, the cheese fest chapter...
3/28/2009 c4 Ieyre

The most emotional part of this chapter was the scene with Wade talking to the miniature. There's something about children with massive parent complexes that really sets me off. Honestly, it comes from having a parent die suddenly, I guess, which happened to me and so it really resonates. I think you must understand that really well.

Frank as Christmas Yet to Come was interesting. I laughed when Scarlett ripped off the hood. I guess he's representative of one of her most foolish decisions, so it works.
3/28/2009 c3 Ieyre
Ah, yes, Rhett's father as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Well, we're 'not supposed to know', but I've finished the story so I do. Also, I kind of figured it out, too.

Generally, I don't usually care for OCs in fanfiction, and since George's family story was exactly the same (more or less) as the one in the original Christmas Carol, I couldn't really bring myself to care that much. I did enjoy Rhett angsting it up in Charleston with his mama, and Pitty Pat shutting down India...ohh yeah.

Oh God the next chapter is depressing. Fun stuff!
3/28/2009 c2 Ieyre
Yeah, I said I'd write you a nice review for each chapter...well, that took a little while. Anyway, I liked your choice of Charlie as the Ghost of Christmas Past. I feel like the obvious choice would have been Melanie, but she was really too involved with every aspect of Scarlett's life to have an impartial view (which the Ghosts are required to do).

My favorite Christmas you showed was the one with Frank, because it showed how he did care for Scarlett in his way...his own, special way. God, Rhett was such an ass in the last memory. He knows how to stab and twist the knife in the worst way.
3/21/2009 c1 Ieyre
Since you said you thought this was a lot better than 'This Year's Love' and you labored over it a lot more, I decided to go back and review each chapter. Call it a very late Christmas present :D.

Well, I'll preface this with my background: Christmas Carol is one of my favorite books. I was in a book-it theatre production of it in 6th grade and since then I've loved it. And as this first chapter reveals, Scrooge and Scarlett have a lot in common. I loved the idea that Scarlett has missed out on many things in life because she doesn't live in the present, but in the future. Also, her not changing the sign from 'Kennedy'-exactly like 'Scrooge and Marley'! What a great connection.

I found myself really loving the contrast between Mr. Wilkes and Mrs. Butler you showed here. Ashley's caring, gentle nature really came out with him in the role of Fred. I think you showed the more positive side of the character (and you gave him a backbone). Obviously we all love Rhett, but Ashley is not a wholly bad, weak character, and I think fanfic writers often forget that. Scarlett is more willful than him, but he's got a sort of strength of convictions, like Melanie.

Solange Robillard in the role of Marley was an interesting choice. I never got the impression that she was THAT much of a bitch, but I'll chock it up to creative license.

More reviews to come (and more about my thoughts on the various choices you made for the ghosts).
1/23/2009 c6 3Animagus-Steph
It's been a long time since I cried reading fic, but this last chapter really did me in. It was amazing and nice and ... just ... really really good. You did a fantastic job with this, didn't rush it, didn't cheapen it, didn't turn it too terribly cliche.

And ... it wasn't a total cheese fest. Know why? Scarlett & Rhett didn't magically have another baby! A proper cheese fest would have had a baby ... or maybe twins!

naw - it was really good, and I properly enjoyed it! Thank you!
1/23/2009 c2 Animagus-Steph
This story is so hella good.

I thought, in Chapter One, that Scarlett was a bit harsh, but no. I can really see her like that, when she has nothing left.

And this chapter! You've got Charles Hamilton DOWN TO A T. I mean, holy smokes, I was so sad for him and so impressed at his maturity.

1/21/2009 c6 18Mad Steph
115? You are insane.

I'll admit as much as I like angst&drama covered with more angst and drama, I love a good bit of fluff, sometimes, and this was just 100% pure fluff, a nice little break from the boring-ness of contract law.

I don't really mind which one you update. Whatever floats your boat.
1/20/2009 c6 rubeanddodo
Cheese...Bring it out of the fridge more often! Loved the wrap up. So good to know they are together forever. Thank you Corrin. Hey, do I get a gold star for guessing it was Rhett's father? I can't choose which story I want updated most. How about both or is that too greedy? Anything written by you is a treat. That's my vote.
1/20/2009 c6 13Merovia
I enjoyed very much you tied your story up. I love fluffy happiness between the two. All "normal" books always ends once the hero has gotten his heroines... without enoug "cheese". So it is nice for once to be able to indulge.

you had a few minor typos/missing words... but on the whole very enjoyable read.

My vote goes to TYL - albeit reluctantly
1/20/2009 c6 Raicheal
Awe how romantic to sooth the boredom of work. The interaction between R&S was good and not too overly sappy. I found a few errors, minor ones that i'm sure you'll pick up if you read the chapter again, i dont remember what they are since i read it early this morning.

Oh and I vote for TYL since you only have one chapter left so you say might as well get it out of the way and another completed story under your belt.
1/20/2009 c6 3BlaqueCat13
Corn~~I love you. Did I tell you that I also love cheese? :o)

This was such a wonderful ending to Scarlett's Christmas Carol, I was wondering how you were going to relay the message from Rhett's father. The elder Mr. Butler's letter was such a heartfelt one, poor Rhett, but now you see where his stubbornness came from..like father,like son. Oh yes, you had some great exchanges between Rhett & Scarlett.

Rhett: "I thought you were being romantic..."

Scarlett: "That's ridiculous, utterly and completely...Have you been reading romance novels?"

That cracked me up, usually it's the man asking if the woman is reading romance novels. But this was my favorite line..."Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" Oh yes, I forgot this one too.."I felt you."

As for the other two stories how bout being open to a little of both? **Big Smile** I guess I'm being greedy, but I love your stories, can't get enough of 'em. Damn, I think I just wrote my own story here..sorry for being so long-winded(fingered?). Well, my vote is...oh crap...FTETYL..there..voted.
1/20/2009 c6 none
This Year's Love!

And I'm a vegan so I don't eat cheese but I liked the "cheese fest" anyway.
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