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6/14/2011 c18 Koragirl
keep it up please finish you story . You are a great writer . please email me when next chapter up OK
11/8/2009 c15 maskedpainter
i'm sorry i'm being lazy tonight i don't feel like logging in.

i'm still at work on trying to help you come up with names but if i know what elements you want to favor it would help send me a pm and i'll help you work on it. i did like the healing touch and armor of the falling leaves it sounds like autumn i really liked that.

so much work for a busy little writer who gives us a very funny and original fanfict plot and awesome story. (kisses wrist to make it feel better) hope your wrist gets better soon and i'm looking forward to the update!

8/26/2009 c14 2maskedpainter

...i'm not going to say this chapter was boring i will mearly state it has not been my favorite. but an update is an update so i'm happy!

hm...new armor...is there any kind of theme you are going for? if i have a general direction you wish to go i could maybe come up with some ideas and throw them at you.

well...hope your having a good day.

7/16/2009 c13 maskedpainter
hey sorry its taken me so long to get back to you on your story. awesome great long chapter i loved this.

i do hope you find a way to bring the warlords back it just won't be the same without them. anyways love you and the story and i hope to see an update soon.

7/16/2009 c12 maskedpainter
sorry i never reviewed this chapter life got a bit hectic and i've finally gotten some time to get back to this story.

of course i love you i think your story is awesome!

3/5/2009 c10 maskedpainter
hey it was great to see an update from you, i was beginning to wonder where you had gone i missed you!

this was a great chapter and i would love to see more i think the next chapter is going to be intresting. can't wait!

1/11/2009 c8 maskedpainter
again another great chapter. i thought the part about chibi jamie was cute!

i would definately like to see it happen more often!

1/7/2009 c7 maskedpainter

again great chapter i can't wait for more. are we ever going to find out more a out hitoshi? i would really like to know what the deal with him and this strange staff that supposedly resembles the ancients staff is!

well...again great chatper short but great.

1/3/2009 c6 maskedpainter
hello again!

great chapter i am really getting excited about each new chapter this is neat i can't wait for more to come please hurry with the updates.

oh enjoy your sleep hope rowen and jamie don't disturb your sleep too much!

12/29/2008 c5 maskedpainter
greetings from the wonderful MP!

i loved that little bit in the beginning before hte story.

(jamie and rowen glad to make things better for you all!)

again another great chapter i loved it i can't wait for more to come so please hurry!

i'm glad you are glad that i like your story i'm trying to come up with a good ronin warriors fict of my own but my own ideas so far have sucked big time...they don't hang around very long.

(no more mushrooms in dark corners growing unless you are going to invite me over to grow some strange purple moss to make it pretty)

12/23/2008 c4 maskedpainter


me love your story me can't wait for more!

12/21/2008 c3 maskedpainter
hey it was great to see an update from you!

i can't wait for the next update i am looking forward to this story's updates in my inbox each day. its really great i love it all please give us more soon!

12/20/2008 c2 maskedpainter
your story is getting to be really great i can't wait for more to come. please hurry with the update i want to know more!

12/10/2008 c1 maskedpainter
hey this is really intresting i can't wait to see more from you soon!


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