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for His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite

12/6/2008 c1 10302pilot
It's so true-the judge might make alot of noise sometimes, but he always comes through, even for Teddy. Thanks for sharing!

12/6/2008 c1 44Jaz22
Poor Teddy! His luck seems almost as bad as Mark's. Of course, Mark's already got his hands full.

Nice to see the number of fics growing every day!
12/6/2008 c1 165owlcroft
Always nice to see another story to add to the total. One small thing I would ask, though, is the addition of quote marks for the dialogue. It's easier to read that way, although I know that some authors like the convention of doing without them. Why is it that Teddy is such an attractive character for us fic writers? ;-)

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