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for Razor Blade

7/18/2010 c4 Mptybh
Hell ya, i love this story and i'd love 4 u to continue this.
7/14/2010 c4 26BlackBeauty613
Usually when someone wants to rewrite a story because their 'style has changed' it's for the better. So go ahead because this wasn't all that long anyway :] Take your time because your writing can only get better from here and you don't want to take a good talent and try to rush it to meet the average update time span for your readers. If they really support you and like your story, they'll understand why it's taking so long and will hopefully appreciate it more when you finally DO update :]

Good luck!

~Rachel :]
7/8/2010 c4 BlackRoseSophie
I'd be fine with whatever you pick. They are your stories. : D
4/4/2010 c3 12corpuscalypso
I like this! It's just my kind of dark and stinging story. I really want to see this updated
3/26/2010 c3 1thathanneliatorchic
CONTINUE CONTINUE XD! i knew you'd come back keep it up. poor Jimmie, hopefully he'll tell Troy and Chad what's going on.
2/17/2010 c2 L-puff
I really like your story. I hope you continue it.
9/26/2009 c4 L-puff
You should keep going! I'm really interested to see where your story is headed.
9/23/2009 c4 4BelongToMe
You should keep going with this story, it's really good. I like how your writing style isn't making light of what he's doing or making his depression cheesy like I've seen in a few stories.

But just because people don't review doesn't mean people aren't reading your stories.
9/23/2009 c4 3diamondplatypus
Here's some constructive criticism.

Don't give ultimatums.

If you start a story; finish it.

Don't write for reviews.

If you really want reviews, here's how to get them.

Write more.

The more you write, the better you get and the more reviews you'll get.

You can't just sit back, not update and expect to continue to get reviews.
9/22/2009 c4 1Keiri Bradon
Again, there aren't many stories (if any) like this.

So you've GOT to continue!

5/4/2009 c1 1thathanneliatorchic
boy girl whoever you is you better continue this bad boy. this is gettin god. i feel like i'm watching a movie but i'm just reading a very talented persons' story
3/29/2009 c3 6Jaygirl942
cool. go jimmie love the angst
3/13/2009 c3 1Keiri Bradon
:P Stupid computer...stupid school...

3/4/2009 c3 41actlikesummer
Good job writing this! Can't wait for more!
2/14/2009 c2 9bananathebookworm
I like this, update please!
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