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6/3/2009 c3 22azab
i loved it up date soon
5/18/2009 c1 8Charlie Girl 79
excellent, short to the point and still makes your heart hurt for Sam and Bobby
3/16/2009 c1 16JenBurch
Oh my... I can't even speak! I just... wow. I couldn't imagine...


I just can't, I'm sorry. It's just too heartbreaking... I dont know how you do it, but it's a natural ability to just make me wanna cry like a little baby about how helpless it all is!

Sam was destroyed when Dean died, and I always did think about what it would be like for Bobby to walk in there and see them like that...
1/27/2009 c1 16amyblair
Again, heartbreaking and really good. Damn episode.
1/3/2009 c3 75IMTheresa
Nice way to tie these three together!
1/3/2009 c1 IMTheresa
I always wonder if the writers think about what happened next after pivital scenes. I can imagine what you described here; Bobby staying in the background and letting Sam grieve privately for a moment before going to him. Seeing something that might have been even more heartbreaking than what we did see.
12/27/2008 c3 14twinchaosblade
The same applies for this chapter. I love reading Bobby's great attempts at keeping it together himself, being the voice of reason and still trying to give as much comfort as possible to the devastated younger Winchester. *wipes stray tear from eye*
12/27/2008 c2 twinchaosblade
Such a heart-wrenching continuation of the first chapter. Dean's death really ripped both Sam and Bobby apart! But I love the way you wrote who Bobby was there for Sam and tried to console him. It's always a very precious moment because Sammy hardly gets the bonding scenes with Bobby. I actually don't think Bobby cares any less about Sam than about Dean but on the show the other side is usually denied to us. So thank you for putting this out there!
12/25/2008 c3 6lovinandrew
So much feeling in so few words. I loved it mate :)
12/23/2008 c3 77sweetysmart0505
Poor, poor Sammy! Losing Dean! Good job!
12/23/2008 c3 52Onyx Moonbeam
Thank goodness for Bobby.
12/23/2008 c3 86supernaturalsammy67
AW i can't even imagine what Sam went through

fictionally anyway

but wow

what an insight

i utterly loved this hun!

12/21/2008 c3 bia1007
Bobby's "Help me with Dean,..." actually made me cry. How you can express so much in a few words, amazing amazing!
12/21/2008 c3 123Twinchy
This breaks my heart time and again. *sniff*
12/21/2008 c3 111deangirl1
I love this! Seamless... This is making an awesome and much missed tag!
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