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8/19 c19 Momma Laura
Haha - Heavens to Murgatroyd is the expression! Snagglepuss used to say it all the time in the Yogi Bear cartoons. We used it a lot back in the 60s. Really liking this story. Someone recommended it in another story written many years ago. I've been trying to read all her recs over the days I've been reading her story. It's actually putting me behind in my housework - lol! If you ever go back and edit, search the word "minuets" and change it to minutes. Spell check won't catch that one because it's an actual word, just not the one you meant. Thanks for the pleasant afternoon of reading :)
5/8 c20 vitoria160599
Continue por favor
11/29/2022 c20 13French Shark
I've been following this story for over a DECADE and somehow forgot its unfinished?! Please tell me you'll come back to it! and ASAP
10/19/2022 c20 7SnowGoose
Is this story finished? I would really love to read more.
7/28/2022 c20 Jillgrab
I REALLY hope you come back and finish this story! I know it’s been a long time but a girl can dream.
7/28/2022 c17 Jillgrab
Yesss! I can’t wait for “tomorrow”
7/28/2022 c16 Jillgrab
Finally Edward! Took him long enough
7/27/2022 c15 Jillgrab
Thank goodness for Alice!
7/27/2022 c14 Jillgrab
Oh my heart breaks for him every time she unknowingly breaks his heart. I wish he got to finished speaking before she answered.
7/27/2022 c13 Jillgrab
Well I wasn’t expecting her there with him that’s for sure… ughh.. Jake always complicates things!
7/27/2022 c11 Jillgrab
Yess! He finally started reading it! Also I’m in love with Esme! She’s such a fun loving mom who is also a great meddler.
7/22/2022 c1 1MidwesternAccent
This is a delightful story, and one that I would love to see finished. I’d gladly subscribe to a patreon if that meant you could write!
12/14/2021 c1 9kenyatta.harmon0516
11/19/2021 c20 somewhereinbetween78
Ummmm…. The things I would do for another chapter. THIS WAS AMAZING
11/16/2021 c20 L-Anne Cullen
Over 10 Years come on...
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