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5/3/2009 c2 Mandi
This shows promise, I hope you continue it.
1/22/2009 c2 15Chocochino11
this a good story... please update again!
1/11/2009 c1 Tyria
Hey, Sounds really good so far. I'd love to read more.
1/9/2009 c2 25kakashifangrl1012
pretty good. I'd like to read more. =]
1/3/2009 c2 30Shadow Cat17
This sounds really intresting.
12/30/2008 c2 18XinnLajgin
I like, very interesting plot
12/27/2008 c1 1Imzadi
I do like the idea of a nemesis for the gang. It helps if there are some flies in their ointment-makes it more satisfying when they succeed!

I would love it if Eliot had to get a haircut in this story. That's one of my biggest complaints about the series!
12/27/2008 c2 Imzadi
I will go back & review chapter one in a minute! I didn't even know there were Leverage stories yet. I like the setup you have here. And I like the idea of the group having a nemesis. This is also very well written. Could Parker have set up the little old lady to delay Nate? I wouldn't have put it past her. . .
12/19/2008 c1 4Silent Author
this seems like a cool idea you should continue it
12/11/2008 c1 28Itzika
O_O I like... I like A LOT. Please say there'll be more! I haven't started getting bunnies for Leverage yet, and your story seems to be the only one on the site; but someone has to start it, and I'm glad it's you and this story! :D I really like the premise and how you're carrying it out, and I look forward to more! *sprinkles Muse dust on you*
12/10/2008 c1 Jayy
Well, I like it and would not be unhappy if you chose to continue writing this story. I always find it interesting to see an outsider's view of a character.

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