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for Circa 1950

1/11/2018 c47 Guest
wow, that was truly amazing. absolutely LOVED it! loved the romance. loved the story. loved the fluff. and omg loved the drunk Ed, he's so cute when he's drunk, but there's not nearly enough fics out there with a drunk Ed x3 so thanks for that~3

the OC's were all great, but the one that will stick out most to me is always going to be Nitro.
and now i know why you have that llama profile pic :P iv always wondered about that thing lol.

i actually would have read this sooner, but i first read one of your other fics... and... wow... pretty sure i cried out a whole river reading it :'D so iv been kinda afraid to read your other fics after that xD lol. so im glad this one had a great ending!

thank you for writing and sharing this fic! it was an absolute delight to read!

also, i was thinking about reading Gates Ultimatum next, so i was going to download some of the chapters to read offine. did you know the chapters to Gates Ultimatum don't work over on your LJ :( they are just bonus chapters, so im sure it won't effect the story to much. but still, i hope you fix it x3 i'd rather read it all. so for now i may choose a different one, there are a few of your other fics i have my eyes on right now, hope they have good endings too! :'3

BTW i have been DROOLING over At Gates Edge for almost a year now xD i usually only read complete fics, so i haven't read it yet... but my curiosity is eating at me! i want to read that thang so badddd! lol

1/10/2018 c45 Guest
why kill Kedder/Tucker himself, and not just call the police on him? wouldn't Ed be the main suspect and get locked up for it?

and OMG you scared me! i thought Ed was going to use that last bullet on himself! xD

1/8/2018 c27 Guest
i can't help but think Fane (is that his name? lol, i keep forgeting how to spell it) is going to shoot someone, either Ed or Charles. he just seems like the kind of guy to possibly kill/hurt to get what he wants. and what does he even want? just to talk with Charles? very interested to see where he will go in the future of this story.

and to correct one of my earler comments, i don't think they actually had computers until the 1970's lol, so nevermind about them being in this fic. they did have TV back in the 1940's though...i think?

1/8/2018 c24 Guest
its already half way over?!
*dramatic music starts playing*
NOOOOOO! D: why does it ever have to end?!

i hope Ed finds out the truth about Raymond some day, i feel bad for Raymond... he loved Ed, yet Ed still thinks he's a traitor.

and Nitro strikes again! lol. i love that llama.

When Ed was holding Fane, Fane had grabbed the automail arm. couldn't he feel how it was metal? maybe that will come up later?

its 1950 right? i world be curious to see Roys first reaction to a TV or a computer. xD

1/8/2018 c17 Guest
i really loved that chapter, it was nice seeing a more vulnerable Ed, and caring Roy.

your OCs are all nice, but the best one is Nitro x3 i frickin LOVE that llama!

1/7/2018 c9 Guest
i had no idea i needed a fic where Ed has an attack llama... but i guess i did, because its so cute and perfect! i love it!

its not a dig deal, but just letting you know theres a little mistake in this chapter, when Al first walks to the bakery, in says
"the sign reads:
but then, its just blank. i assume there was suppose to be a name though there?

1/7/2018 c4 Guest
this story seems awesome so far! :D i have no idea where the plot is going to go from here.

5/28/2017 c47 fairWeatherFan
this story was amazing and I enjoyed it very much! My favorite character is still Nitro, of course.
5/24/2017 c42 fairWeatherFan
should this kiss be considered incest?
3/1/2017 c47 77lexieconextreme
I liked the ending, AND! NO ONE DIED! YAY!
2/27/2017 c8 lexieconextreme
Knowing you, I kinda feel like this story is going to end sadly. Should I be worried?
2/25/2017 c17 fairWeatherFan
I find it ironic that Mustang is afraid of horses. Was this intentional?
2/25/2017 c15 fairWeatherFan
never accept drinks from strangers lol
2/20/2017 c7 fairWeatherFan
I think I'm in love with Nitro
2/20/2017 c1 fairWeatherFan
seems interesting so far! is Al the alternate one who has always been in this world?
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