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for The Legend Of Spyro: War And Love

2/26/2017 c28 1Lordofchaos2 - Wishingvielwolf
I thought I already read this ahh the whole chap is with another chapter from earlier with no cut just thought you should know I beilive it was 12 I could be wrong though so sorry if I am kk
4/6/2013 c28 Hunter of the sea
really you have got to be fucking kidding me i have to send a pm just to fill in the huge gaps that are beig cut out of the story and the grammar of these storys suck
11/17/2010 c44 1Game Sorcerer
Wow, this sad but SOOO brilliant! I'm almost caught up! Oh

you never answered my question, did you like my double fusion idea?
9/20/2010 c31 cp298120
oh man that really was some sick stuff bro. i actually shed a few tears. do you know anyone who was raped at all? no need to answer if its too personal im just curious.
3/9/2009 c44 10godofmadness43
yay! DL Mark is alive this time! great work,and start ur next story okay?
3/9/2009 c44 4dreyanor
are you going to write another story? this one was short and the last chapter was bad but it wwas good. if you do can drey come back in to help at the last possible minute or somthing.
3/8/2009 c43 10godofmadness43
yay! Atreus is dead now! now u can begin the next story after you add more chaps, oh and dn't forget Elaine's tree dude
3/8/2009 c42 godofmadness43
wow, at least both Ryuu and DK Mark are alright...are they? And What will happen to Atreus? Will he stay down for the count?
3/7/2009 c41 1spyro46666
what the heck waht does it take to kill this guy i mean waht do they have to do blast him with everything they got and wait it dreaynor dead
3/7/2009 c41 10godofmadness43
Oh god will he ever stay down? and please dont tell me Ryuu is dead
3/5/2009 c40 godofmadness43
man the part were Cell tries to blow up the planet in DBZ always freaked me out, i used to have nightmares about that until i watched the Majjin Buu saga.
3/3/2009 c39 godofmadness43
wow...talk about releasing the beast within. U do know Ryuu possess this same power, but his transformation is...how should i put this? Darker and more demonic, you'll find out soon
3/3/2009 c39 My Inner Fred
This just gets better and better doesnt it?

btw Check your deviant art account XD
3/3/2009 c38 My Inner Fred
Nice chapter man!

I havent been reviewing due to school work and Deviantart..

Heres my Devianart account: http:/my-inner-fred./

I'm making wallpapers atm, Im making requests for anyone thats interested. If you want a wallpaper plz comment in my journal XD
3/2/2009 c38 4dreyanor
ok good. not what i thought it would be like. cool but how long is this story going to be? i mean if you stop now it is to short
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