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7/20/2010 c1 173BuzzCat
I like this story very muchly. I can see Minerva kinda being a little shaky emotionally after Albus died. I always thought there was something more. I like how you wrote Catherine. Very much like what a MMAD child is in my head. You are a truly amazing and different writer. Simply amazing.
3/6/2009 c1 preached

That was a quick one.

I would've been glad with a few more chapters to elaborate your plot.

It's a wonderful depict of their lives after Voldermort's death and I'm going to miss this story...
1/5/2009 c1 3cariluv
A perfectly lovely story, thank you for it. I'd love to read more like this! Great writing, too.
12/27/2008 c1 103Missing Linka
That was really good!

I think you should continue it ... Or write about ADMM's past ... something like that ... About Catherine when she was young ... ?


God bless you!


P.S. I love Maggie Smith!
12/15/2008 c1 89minerva's-kitten
I like this it was sweet. I kinda want to know what happens a lunch though...lol
12/14/2008 c1 TabbyRox
Wow, that was really really sweet. I love Catherine! She's the perfect combination of Albus and Minerva.

Also, as I was reading it, I thought she seemed very Maggie-Minerva-like. Stern and witty but warm. ^_^
12/13/2008 c1 1MinnieKat
Really good story! I definitely enjoyed it, and I wondered I you had thought about a sequel... Peut être une amitié Harry et Catherine ou le trio faisant plus connaissance de Minerva... ;)
12/12/2008 c1 NathanDftba
Wow, It's really nice :]

Very well written too.

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