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7/27/2015 c27 WhisperingShadow
D**n it! Jay x Half is my FAVORITE pair! D**n it you're so good at writing! * ends sentence sobbing *
7/27/2015 c7 WhisperingShadow
Oh... sorry... Sharpclaw died. THAT seems very unlikely. He is a strong cat.
10/14/2014 c28 20Reedstorm17
Ever since I got an account a year ago I've been looking for this story so I could favorite it! This is the first fanfiction I ever read.
6/20/2014 c27 Hollytail
OMG,they all die!This is sooooo sad!
6/20/2014 c21 Guest
6/20/2014 c20 Hollytail
How many cats ar u going to kill? Never mind, I like violence!
6/20/2014 c10 Guest
6/20/2014 c8 Hollytail
Your really talented, dude!
6/20/2014 c7 Hollytail
Are u kidding me?!This is amazing!
5/20/2013 c7 squirrelflight
hehe cool
2/18/2013 c28 Alyssa
Why!Poor Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather!I miss you muches!
4/19/2012 c19 55WyldClaw
i can't believe it was BLACKSTAR who killed Leopardstar, Blackstar, and Firestar and claimed it was 'under mistystar's orders!

wow! i can't believe daisy actually fought
3/29/2012 c23 WyldClaw
that was a good gathering. i bet stormblaze will become important in the future

i think blackclaw knew that if he didn't kill him self the other cats would kill him for his wicked deeds.
7/17/2011 c15 WyldClaw
I think hollyleaf would make a good mother since is so good with millie's kits
4/25/2010 c20 WyldClaw
At least daisy died defending her clan for once. That's sad that even more of Sorreltail's family died-Thornclaw (her 'brother in law') and Poppyfrost. at least they are watching over the clan from StarClan

I hope that Blackclaw is sentenced to exile and is sent to the dark forest for eternity for what he did! I can't beleive that he was the one who killed Leopardstar, Blackstar, and Firestar! He is just plain evil!
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