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3/21/2013 c5 8Grey Wolf4
This was great and I felt that Chris and Feldt's relationship was very much like older sister/younger sister kind.
3/21/2013 c3 Grey Wolf4
This was a good drabble focusing on Billy to which the title 'smell the coffee' fits to a T!
3/21/2013 c2 Grey Wolf4
Another good drabble focusing on Tieria who you portrayed very well.
3/21/2013 c1 Grey Wolf4
This is a good first drabble and Sergei Smirnov and Soma definitely did have an emotional bond he was probably the only real father figure she ever had.
3/19/2011 c5 17KitsuneCagalli
Wow. I really loved all these one shots, but the last one with Chris and Feldt really made me cry, especially the ending. Just the sheer understanding of respect and love the two share as family hit home, so kudos to you my dear, fantastic work.
6/25/2009 c5 GuiltlessLie
All these stories are so beautiful and heart touching. I think I was crying at the Christina one, and maybe a little at the Marina one. It doesn't help that I'm listening to the slighlty sad song "Trust You" by Yuna Ito (Last Gundam 00 ED) either.
5/23/2009 c5 4A Midsummer Night's Dream
I like this one best.^^
4/10/2009 c5 1FlareKnight
Ah, Christina Sierra. Anyone saying CB didn't suffer losses should remember that name. I liked this since it helped to give more depth to her character. You really only got to see a surface, but considering the sacrifice she made at the end there was definitely more. Have to give her and Lichty credit for standing their ground even knowing there was a chance they wouldn't make it.

I had a feeling she was doing some extra shopping for Feldt along with her own. Feldt isn't the type to do much for herself so someone has to push her a little bit. Sure she probably did love spending time out and chatting with people, but that's part of who she was. Some people are social creatures. Too bad there wasn't an accessory purchased or something for a symbol Feldt could carry. Yet I think just smiling and being alive is enough of a momento.

This was pretty nice for a memory. Some nice characters made it to thend end of this series. But other good characters were lost and have to be remembered.
2/7/2009 c4 Anonymous
You did a great job with conveying the mood of the character.The story is so cute.
12/19/2008 c3 36College Fool
Tieria with gravity was interesting, but this takes the cake as a glimpse into three parts of Billy's life. Billy does need a hug.

Solidly written,good themes, and interesting. Both of them.
12/14/2008 c1 College Fool
A nice touch, really, especially when it's been implied that, in cannon, Sergei lost his wife by putting duty (and orders) so far ahead.

Sweet taste of victory indeed. I look forward to any more drabbles.

Just as a FYI, you might want to allow anonymous reviews: I just got lucky I was already signed in at the time I read this. You'll certainly get more feedback from the non-members and those too lazy to sign in.

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