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for To Kill a Mocking Bird

1/10/2010 c1 34heavy.sighs.and.sad.goodbyes
Very interesting view on this.

Good job.
10/29/2009 c1 1CuttiFrutti
I'm crying because that ending was so sad. To be honest, I don't think that Sam knew what he was doing because Emily would never go where he was if he died, which he did. So Sam would never be with Emily and Emily would no longer exist anywhere. Emily was still Emily, she just looked and felt different, but I guess that's exactly why Sam snapped. Still, I could sympathise with Sam and the story was absolute genius!
9/20/2009 c1 8Efimia
Jeeze girl you gettin god!

You're writing is incredible and for being so young, it's crazy man.. keep it up hope all is good back in Canada
5/13/2009 c1 1xJonghyun-AppaX
I can actually feel the pain that Same felt when he watched her turn into a vampire, and I have to say I think you captured it beautifully. I nearly cried when he killed her but I knew that he'd felt that it was right.

3/24/2009 c1 3547805892627482245
I really liked this, it was brilliantly well-written, and the turmoil and angst of the character really shone through.

I can't wait to read the other parts to this.

Clyde x
12/29/2008 c1 2amp2013
Hey! I really like this, though I was a little misled by the original summary. It didn't mention Sam or Emily.

You've got a great choice of words and content. Sam killed Emily because she was a vampire... If you wanted to, you might want to add a piece from Emily's pont of view that covers her transformation through her 'death'.

Anyways, great job.


PS-You might want to check out my story. It's called As If You Hung The Moon. (Imprint ** SethxOC. Original plot.) Thanks!
12/14/2008 c1 notanaccountnomore
Wow, that was really sad. But also extremly good. You did an amazing job at painting that scene in my head.
12/14/2008 c1 dreamgirl964
I almost cried, thats how good this was. This is seriously the best Fanfic I've ever read.

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