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7/5/2009 c4 Sorc
This is a really good story and I'm hooked so please update soon!
12/16/2008 c3 21caughtinblackseyes
I'm hooked, please continue and you explaining who all the relatives are is a huge help!
12/16/2008 c2 caughtinblackseyes
This is freaken' fascinating shit!
12/16/2008 c1 caughtinblackseyes
LMFAO over and over again! I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE this story! My stomach hurts from laughing so much.

Hermione? Willow?

Not sure I recognize a lot of the other ones, I'll have to think on it. You have Hermione down to a tee. A seer? God, if only her divination professor could "see" her now.

*goes off inot gails of laughter
12/16/2008 c3 InzanityRulz
Interesting fic. I can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon!
12/16/2008 c1 erica
I'd love to read this.. but it shows up in italics and underlined. :(

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