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for We killed her

4/9/2014 c1 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Beautiful done..;;
10/21/2010 c1 20theredrobin
I like this idea of what was going on with the Colonel when he took off.

I think you handled his jumbled thoughts nicely.
12/30/2008 c1 13452346
i love it.

honestly, looking for alaska is my favorite book ever, and you did a great job capturing the whole mood of the book.
12/28/2008 c1 8Lily Turwaithiel
12/17/2008 c1 cannotdisplay
Ouch. That was a painfully blunt look at what the Colonel must have been battling with. I would actually love to read all of Looking for Alaska from the Colonel's POV, and so this little bit of fic was right up my alley.

And wow, that last line is powerful. Very nicely done


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