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for Tears and Rain

7/21/2010 c11 AlchemyFreak0218
awwwwww i was kinda hoping Ed was ging to become a homunculus and stay with Envy forever and live " happily forever after "...oh well...still badass story...
7/21/2010 c6 AlchemyFreak0218
hahahaha! ummmmm...i didn't gag at the eye thing...i just laughed maniacly while eating m&ms...did i fail to mention that people say im this side of the gate's Envy? good job luv wut ive read of this so far...nice and sad and bloody and perfect...sorry..people also say im sadistic, slightly emo,and medically approved as insane...does that help wit figurin out just how messed up i REALLY am? anyways luv it!
5/22/2010 c11 9Nightmother
I really enjoyed this, the chapter could have been longer...but considering how well the story was going so far i'd say it was okay. I'm just used to reading really long chapters.
4/30/2010 c8 30M. B. Lewis
i really like this story, but it's really weird to see all those german words in there especially "liebling". since i'm talking german pretty much everytime it's weird to see it in an english fic...weird.
i haven't read everything yet, so i still have much to enjoy ;P
4/21/2010 c11 1Envious Alchemist
t-t-the END? NU! i want MORE! please? O.O for your nerdy Envy fangirl, who REALY approves of Edvy? i will give you yummy cookies!
3/29/2010 c11 readingReality
3/28/2010 c11 Guest
OMG! that was like one of the BEST/SWEETEST storys ive ever read in my whole life ! plz continue to write stories!
3/17/2010 c11 Pink Tubby Custard
Love the story :)
3/7/2010 c11 1Prussian Blue Tears
That was such a sweet story. Really. You should write a sequel, if you haven't already... I liked that you had Envy kill Aniki, it was very descriptive.
2/5/2010 c11 4Hostile Silence
I love it it is very beautiful. Love everything written here i might even reread it again. ^^ COntinue writing more beautiful stories that can touch people's hearts
1/21/2010 c1 7tetsuhiro
wow, a 5 star fic! I used to not like EdxEnvy but this is an exception. The plot was very good and roys death scene was very sick, but awsome. Even though I really like roy lol.
1/21/2010 c11 4YukinoKara
I liked it! I think it's a good way to end the story, and it's nice to see it completed. :)

You did an amazing job with this story! I really enjoyed reading it. :)

...and I think I've forgotten half of it, so I'm going to read it again! It's really worth reading.

I love this story, and good luck with your future stories. :)

1/20/2010 c11 11Funky Bracelet Chick
well, the fact that the fic is ending suckks, but at least you had the goodwill to finish it. some people just up and abandon things. *gives cookie* it was a nice ending. =]]
1/20/2010 c11 1Misuki Miko
AH! KAWAII! ^^ I loved the ending! *smiles like the idiot I am while jumping up and down*
1/20/2010 c10 7kitsunelover300
I really do like how this story of yours is forming and I do love the family scene with the homunculi. I can imagine Ed and Al living with the homunculi, ed getting married to envy, Al to winry and maybe you can bring back nina as a homunculus so she and wrath can be together, that'd be pretty cute. Also, i do have a couple of questions though. One: since this is the manga envy, will he transform into his huge, soul attatched creepy form in the story? Two:Are pride or gluttony still alive? Three:Does envy still portray hatred towards hohenheim? and four:did the ending of the series(episode 51 where ed sacrifices himself happen or did you use a different way to get his body back? Message me and Update!^_^
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