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for Tears and Rain

12/22/2008 c4 lalalalala
i love this story i vote same old self
12/21/2008 c4 4YukinoKara
8D Nice chapter, I don't know how to say how fun this is to read and how much I love this story in each review without sounding monotonous or boring xD

I think Mustang should stay as the evil bas.tard though the whole story, I think it makes more sense that way =D Besides; it's not like Edward would ever trust him again anyway.

Well written chapter, it's so nice to read a good Edvy story with good grammar (it's been so long I've come to EXPECT bad grammar).

Good luck with later chapters!

~YukinoKara, the hurting monster
12/21/2008 c4 4Ria442
Nice chapter...shorter than the last, but still excellent. Well update when you can and... that was a really quick update. YAY! ^^
12/21/2008 c3 13mrawgirl09
Heh... That... I like.. Evil Mustang... Although I think he's being WAY too obsessed with Paperwork which I KNOW he hates completing... But then it might be simply be the lust that he's having of Edward and just took a wrong turn... 8D You know, that first paragraph there made me think about what if Envy did NOT feel sympathy for Ed and instead agreed on killing him? XDD Maybe I should write this down! XD Do you mind if I start the same? I'll disclaim that part.. 8D If not, I'll try to think of a different situation where Ed might have a grudge on Mustang... Oh wait.. nevermind. I got an idea. *w*
12/21/2008 c3 4YukinoKara
8D I love this chapter so much, and I have no idea why! XD

I really like this story, it's capturing my interest so fast!

I think I'll go read the story again XD

Good luck with later chapters.

~YukinoKara, the mentally-hyper monster
12/21/2008 c2 YukinoKara
For some reason I remember this story as one with bad grammar. Well, after reading this chapter, that thought's out the proverbial window!

Great chapter, I like how you woke them up without making them seem very out of character =D

Off to read the next chapter XD

12/20/2008 c3 4Ria442
Aww...poor Ed One Roy dead? If he is then good redance, but if he is alive still, then he is sure gonna wake up with some headache. I love the story so far and update when you can. Poor Ed being raped.
12/20/2008 c3 3CrimsonWolfDemon
Ah poor Eddy. But yay Envy came in and saved the day and ed. I know have a desire to kill mustang. update soon please
12/20/2008 c1 hugesandkisses1
great first chapter! sad, but really good! update soon! cant wait to see what happens next!
12/19/2008 c1 1WaywardAF
Hey Kaeli! I love this! its amazing and ur an amazing author. U really describe the pain that Ed feels.
12/19/2008 c1 4YukinoKara
O.O This looks very good so far!

Nice grammar, too.

I look forward to updates XD

~YukinoKara, the insane monster
12/18/2008 c1 3CrimsonWolfDemon
poor Ed. Mustangs as ass. update soon please
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