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for It Was Real After All

12/25/2010 c4 Locust-Chan
Ok, im just realizing this is a year old... but you should still continue it...
12/25/2010 c2 Locust-Chan
I remember that game! I was still a teen when it was released.
7/26/2010 c3 Alexis
This is scarily interesting o.0
6/27/2010 c4 10Yuuri-nyan
NEXT! KNOW! I like your stories, very good. And when you ramble with Kitsune, I like Kitsune more. I'm more like her than koneko. I curse alot more though. I'm just not doing it at this exact moment. HURRY WITH THE FUCKE- I mean lovely next chapter... o-o
4/22/2010 c4 2yaoilover6969
awesome o hope you are going to write more for this story.
3/7/2010 c4 1This Be ALi
Update! D:

And while you do that...-Smiles evilly and grabs a hammer- GARY OAK, WHERE ARE YOU!

Hanon:Not again...-Sweatdrops- Well, continue the story. ;D
2/18/2010 c4 Pocky Mistress
1/17/2010 c4 minavalak
o.0 can i hurt gary?

*gets a platsic hammer*

poor ash. update!
11/16/2009 c4 wolfskickbutt14
your stories are awesome! XD
11/6/2009 c4 11HollirotxX
;.; Yer an evil person. Why'd you stop writing? This is such a good story. You need to write more!
11/4/2009 c4 2Elifer
I think that it's interesting, but I can't tell for sure until more chapters come out, wish you could make them faster tough.
11/1/2009 c4 Wingedwriter101
i loved the story it was very good
11/1/2009 c2 pokemon fan
great job koneko and kitsune the was very good then again i like lots of these stuff
9/24/2009 c4 14You-knew-it
hey half your chapters is speaking between the two of you :S it's not that hard to write longer! give us more!
4/10/2009 c4 4Thinker27
This is a real good story and I can't wait for chapter 5

P.S I really hope it has a happy ending because it deserves a happy ending
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