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for It Was Real After All

3/21/2009 c4 3MadnessWithAPen
Love it! Keep dishin' those chapters out!
3/10/2009 c4 7lil-Wolf-girl-1994
PlZ write more


I want to know what happens next to poor Ash


-Tiger :3
3/5/2009 c4 7DevilBeckons
doesnt matter if its not long as long as you post something up to kep us happy and reading...hope i have time for the next chap...been busy lately...cant wait!
3/2/2009 c4 2Serena6686
2/21/2009 c3 Serena6686
wow sad chapter but nice
2/5/2009 c3 7lil-Wolf-girl-1994
Plz write more *puppy dog eyes*

-Wolf :3

Keep on writing!... Plz

-Tiger =^_^=
1/12/2009 c3 11The Curly Flea
Wa! Don't leave him Gary! He needs you! Okay... Moment over. I love your stories, I hope you'll update soon. Thanks for writing this ShiShi fic, I've been short of finding them at the mo! Can't wait to read more, X
12/31/2008 c2 Cased In Darkness
Firefly: i win! and team snag em was one of the best organizions.

Yaoi: okay we get it. great chapter and please keep writing
12/30/2008 c2 25Hikary Sanoko
update please!
12/21/2008 c1 Hikary Sanoko
I like this fic better! why did u end it there? T.T update soon!
12/21/2008 c1 Cased In Darkness
Yaoi: Thank you for the sequel, and as for what happened to ash: he drank posion, he was shot with a bee-bee gun...He-

Firefly: -is pregnant *laughs*

Yaoi: firefly, what am going to do with you...
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