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2/6/2009 c4 6Sir Starlll
Starl: Yay! The next chapter is up! (Clicks on the 'Read' button on the computer, and an ad pops up.) I don't care that Fanfiction was brought to us by this. (Sees Mudd on the couch, sleeping.) Does he really think that I'm going to fall for that AGAIN? (Grabs a really long pole and is about to poke Mudd from across the room, when Mudd yanks the pole and Starl goes flying out the window.)

Mudd: Idiot.

Starl: (Walks back into the room through the front door.) I have GOT to stop falling for that.

Mudd: (Shrugs, and sits down in a chair.) You won't. You're too gullible.

Starl: I know you are but what am I?

Mudd: Gullible?

Starl: I know you are but what am I?

Mudd: What are you? Six years old?

Starl: I know you are but what am I?

Mudd: The owner of your soul.

Starl: I know you are but what am- actually, the Devil owns my soul. You'll have to talk to him about that.

Mudd: You sold your soul to the Devil?

Starl: He beat me in a game of Poker.

Mudd: O-o-o-o-okay.

Starl: Onto the actual review: It's hilarious when Nabooru is about to say something inappropriate in front of Zelda, then stops herself. She sure doesn't stop herself in front of Saira, though. So Zelda doesn't want a relationship that is uncomplicated? Well, it would make the story a heck of a lot more interesting.

Mudd: True that.

Starl: Use proper English.

Mudd: Shut up.

Starl: So Zelda and Malon go to school? I never really thought about that. I mean, of course the have to learn SOMEWHERE but still...

Mudd: You do that fade-out thing way too much.

Starl: No I don't!

Mudd: Check EVERY review you sent in the past month.

Starl: Shut up. (Slaps him on the back of the head.)

Mudd: Did you just slap me on the back of my head?

Starl: I'm probably going to die, but it was totally worth it.

Mudd: (Pulls out his Bow and knives)

Starl: Eep!
2/4/2009 c2 1Fenrir666
Alright. Well, no offense, but I found Link *extremely* out of character. I know his character is never defined, but I think that he would be much more hard, and much less sensitive. He would be far more likely to deck Mido than to run off because his feelings were hurt. Perhaps this has something to do with my own personality and the stories I specialize in, but his attitude seemed entirely inappropriate as compared to the experiences that he has gone through. Sorry if this offends you, but I just usually associated Zelda with a darker plot.

Au Revoir.
2/4/2009 c1 Fenrir666
Good. Nice and long, with no noticeable grammatical mistakes. A good plot, although I did think that you moved a bit quickly with Link and Zelda's relationship. After all, they spent what, two, four hours together before she sent him back? But this is probably just a byproduct of writing them in more businesslike situations, and making Link considerably more psychologically damaged by his journey.

Au Revoir.
2/4/2009 c4 6Hyrulian Saiyajin
What a great fic! I love the light-heartedness. ^^ It was also very well writen and interesting. Two things that I haven't seen much of in Zelda fanfiction lately...

Another thing I absolutely love, is your portrayal of Link. He's so naive and sweet, always thinking of food. He reminds me a little of Goku from Dragonball. XD

I look forward to the next update. X3
2/4/2009 c4 14Principessa Dell'Opera
AW! THIS IS SO CUTE! CAN I HUG THEM PLEASE? nabooru reminds me of me: awkward shoulder to cry on and potty mouth that has to be in check in front of kiddies. and the "need to be with real people before i wear foofy dresses and read sappy romance novels." lol! except i like dresses, and fanfic romance stuff is ok. but this was such a cute chapter! Can't wait till Zelda starts to PMS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! poor Link... update as soon as humanly possible!

Please? *puppy dog eyes*

~La Principessa Dell'Opera
2/3/2009 c4 3KazumiZ
Awesome chapter! I really enjoy some angst now and again. I also like fluff! Whats going to happen next? I bet Malon will be involved! Gr... I'll see ya next chapter!

Princess Tamoir
2/3/2009 c4 3Darkide
One word came to mind when I read Link's last line... Gag! Lol, sorry, I can only handle so much sweetness before I go into a diabetic coma lol.

Well that certainly covered quite a bit of time. The end of Majora, getting back to Hyrule, fighting with the princess, getting his job back, more fighting with the princess, yeah Link is one busy little boy.

I do have to say that Zelda was a major, major, Major drama queen. There were spots I almost stopped reading. Mostly that's because I know girls that act that way, and *shudders* lol.

I did Nabooru though. Her cutting off and saying something else was priceless lol. That and she is just an awesome character.

The only trouble spot was at the beginning with the Skull-Kid. There were quite a few mistakes and it just felt kind of choppy. But then you recovered and the rest of the chapter was pretty good.

Well that's enough rambling out of me. Now that I'm sure you are dazed and confused I can just say, looking forward to the next chapter! Later and congats and the DA thingy-ma-bob lol.

You think it will work?

It'll take a miracle. (Princess Bride)
2/3/2009 c4 3LeighEm
Oh my goodness! I totally squealed when Link put his arm around Zelda there at the end! Haha, sorry, just had to put that up here first. ^_^

Yet, another extraordinary chapter. It was very well written, I could picture it like a movie in my head. I also loved at the beginning how you added in the original conversation from the end of Majora's Mask, but you added in Link's words aswell. Too bad he doesn't really talk in the games, because I'm pretty that's what he would have said. =D

And my heart nearly broke in two when Linky and Zellie had their little fight, I started thinking right when she started to say something about Romani and Cremia (Oh, my goodess, you know what I just realized? That Cremia is also the name of a country in Radiant Dawn, haha. How ironic.) I was like, Zelda bite your tounge! But then it all came out...and Link told her to leave. I wanted to yell at him, humph. .

I loved this chapter along with all the others. Fantastic job as always. Oh, and thank you so much for dedicating it to me! I feel so special right now,
2/3/2009 c4 36SharkbaitSekki
Wow :D Very awesome chapter ^_^ I totally love how Linka dn Zelda finallyg ot over the angsty part and got back together ^_^ That's adorable :) You're a very talented ZeLinker :) Keep writing, I'm in total love with this story :D
2/3/2009 c4 14Wavebreeze
Aww, wonderful chapter once again! Excellent work on the emotions, it was practically perfect! ^^

I'm dying for the next one :D
2/2/2009 c4 Grand Auditorix
blah nice chap!

nice to see this story still has a great plot:

i like happy faces ^_^ : =}

i likes ur story

just like always good job and i hope to see more soon

u deserve a cook *hands u a cookie*

and congrats on ur contest winning, im truly happy for u =}

with love your faithful reader,

1/31/2009 c3 3LeighEm
Wonderful! Wonderful! Yet again.

I loved how you even went back to Link's point of view in Termina and summerized what he was doing at the moment. Even Crissy didn't do that in TCE. XD

When he was talking to Kafei, it made me wish that they actually exchanged that converstaion when waiting for Sakon to arrive in the game. Haha. I can only wish.

And poor Zelda...and Malon, and Saria, and the rest of them. I feel so bad for her, Zelda needs her Linky-Poo! :3 It's like I'm reliving TCE when Link left all over again, just in a different way. Hah.

Oh! You have a DA account now? I will most certainly add you, (I can't quite remember since it's been a while since we talked if I have given you my account name, but wether I have or not I'll just give it to you again. :) It's Jadisxx.

Great job, your story is turning out wonderfully, can't wait for next chapter! Talk to you soon!

1/31/2009 c2 LeighEm
Oh my goodness! I absolutly LOVED this! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a long time, it's just I haven't even been on the site in months, haha.

But this was wonderfully written and I must say that I squealed several times at the Zelink moments. =))

I also loved how at the end there you fit in everything that Majora's Mask implied in the game of what happened back at Hyrule before he left. Even though it was very sad. =(

It makes me want to go and start on chapter three of my story now. Haha. Well, I'm off to read chapter 3 of yours, great work!
1/25/2009 c3 3KazumiZ
LOL! Really funny chapter! *Raises hand* I want Link to come back! You had me laughing many time in this chapter, just like the last one! LOL! I can't wait till the next one!

Princess Tamoir
1/20/2009 c3 36SharkbaitSekki
Wow :D Amazing ^_^ I didn't notice this unlit it was too late O_o sorry 'bout that. I'll alert it, just in case :D

Anyways, I loved the part with Saria cursing ^_^ Lol, I lmao so hard my mom asked me what was wrong XD

And...yeah... Malon was funny at the beginning :D I like your sense of humour ^_^

Anyways, great chapter. About your bottom AN's... :raises both hands and feet: I WANT LINK TO COME BAACKK! :'( LIINNKK! XD

Err...yeah... Anything I'd like to see...? I know this isn't an action fic, but could you insert a LITTLE battle? Pwease? Like, y'know, Link struggling against someone else for Zelda? It makes a cool fluffy scene! :pouting face: Eh, you choose ^_^ Anyways, g'luck with the rest :D Ciao ;)
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