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1/20/2009 c3 14Principessa Dell'Opera
I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! this is a beautiful story, but yes, time for Link to come home and for the two love birds to be happily reunited! Update soon!
1/20/2009 c3 6Sir Starlll
StarIlI: Yay! Next chapter! (Mudd is sleeping on the couch.) He's still sleeping? It's the middle of the day! Deja-vu. (spits on his hand and slaps Mudd) OW! (StarIlI's hand is bright red)

Mudd: (Drops from the ceiling) Did you find the wooden dummy I left on the couch?

StarIlI: Shut up. Anyway, Yes, I'm ready for Link to come back from Termina! Him gone is like Sothe without Minchia (Fire Emblem, radiant Dawn), or Mario without Peach (Mario)! Or even Macaroni without cheese!

I'm glad that the Majora's Mask story is moving along fast, I personally don't like the game. Mostly because I'm really bad at it.

I wonder where Navi is... if she has been hiding in Hyrule the entire time, right under Link's nose... I am going to be really annoyed. I wonder why Navi flew away in the first place. Maybe it's because Link's adventure was over, and some other cliche stuff.

Mudd: Probably. Well, I'm sorry to say, but StarIlI and I are going to have to cut this review short.

StarIlI: So, I'll have to skim over the details. Sorry. Impa's background story was pretty interesting, and I like the idea of Mido and Ruto getting into an argument. I'll have to add something like that to one of my fanfics. As for the chapter lengths, The second chapter, to be honest, was too long. This chapter is perfect in size, though. Kokeri are afraid of cows. Ha. Haha. Mwahahahahaha!

Mudd: (backs away from StarIlI) Will you stop laughing like that?

StarIlI: No. ! Gwahahahahahaha! Okay, I'm done. Well, that's about it. I probably have more to say, but I forgot what it was, so... yeah... keep the chapters coming!
1/19/2009 c3 14Wavebreeze
Your welcome ^^ XD

This chapter was really great on the characters' emotions! It really shows there childish side (especially with the swearing XD) and tiny hints of adulthoodness lol.

*raises hand* I can't WAIT to see Zelda's reaction when Link comes home! It will be awesome!

I have a DA account as well, my name is Wavemoon on that one (wow, that certainly sounds familiar ;-))

talk to you soon!

Oh, and a good story is never long enough! I don't care about the length, longer the better actually XD

Update soon!

1/19/2009 c3 3Darkide
Well that was a pretty sweet chapter; you marched right through the timeline, yet managed to keep it from feeling too rushed.

Zelda's adventures were humorous, especially threatening Mido, classic lol. And certainly broke up the Majora Mask parts nicely.

Speaking of which, you did a good job on summarizing Link's journey in Termina, save for near the beginning. In the first part, while it wasn't real bad you used 'and' many, many, many, ect ;) times. I know it's hard not to use and a lot but when that word is used in abundance like in that spot, it makes it difficult to grasp the flow of time. It seemingly speeds up to warp speeds (or lint, whichever) and rushes things far too much.

Well that's my humble opinion anyways... which I know doesn't mean jack, but a guy can dream right? Yeah... he can't lol.

Anywho great job and I'm looking forward to more. Later!

If you don't hear from me after 30 minutes, you take the ship, and come and rescue me.

What... and risk my new ship? (Firefly)
1/11/2009 c2 3Ickolas
Wow. that's a good story so far. Plz update soon. Just don't re-tell Majora's Mask. I beat that game FAR to many times for my own good. Then on the other hand, I beat TP, OoT, and WW to many times also... ha!
1/10/2009 c2 Grand Auditorix
i agree with myself.

u should hurry and write more chaps :

well i love it so far, and is link set on zelda? or will he be conflicted with saria.

well anyways

ur new faithful and eager reader,

1/9/2009 c2 17AnimeMaster24
Very good with this second chapter. I really think you have managed to do an excellent job with this one as well. As for the whole Majora's Mask thing, I really think that you can include it while sticking with the theme of the story. You can just cut scenes between Zelda in Hyrule and Link and Termina to make things balance out. Either way, it would be interesting if Link brought someone from Hyrule with him after he finally stops the moon from falling.

I can imagine that it would be fascinating for his friends at home, as things in Termina are more modernized than in Hyrule. Vacationing to a parrallel land... wierd but I'm guessing that it would be fun to write. As it stands, you needn't turn this story into a short snippet, because you have so much potential here to create an excellent and engaging tale.

Until next time, keep up the good work.
1/9/2009 c1 AnimeMaster24
You're writing style is certainly excellent, and you have provided an superb amount of description and dialogue so that both balance out perfectly. I also like the humourous tone that you managed to keep, and I admire the lighthearted feeling that the story gives the reader. Although videogames are fun, we rarely get to see the characters interact, which is partially why people write these stories if I'm not mistaken. Either way, you did any excellent job with this first part.

In terms of questions, I was wondering why so many people remember the alternate timeline, considering that they now live in the past again, It doesn't make any sense when you think about it. Perhaps were it just Zelda and Link, and perhaps the sages, it would make more sense... but it feels strange that everyone seems to remember the dark future that had been...

Either way, I think you have a very good idea here that very few people actually take up in these fanfiction stories. Many people write oneshots, but few decide to create an entire story out of it. You did very well here and I hope to see more of the same excellent writing in the future.
1/7/2009 c2 36SharkbaitSekki
Lol, tea and crumpets XD

Are you going to write Majora's Mask's adventure? Cuz almost everyone knows of it, and it would be better if you started off when Link actually CAME BACK from Termina. Hopefuly, I didn't screw up your plans though XD

And wow, I never thought that Zelda, considering she had grown up before, didn't know what going to bed with a guy meant XDD I was doubling over at that section XD :'D

Great job, very long, and nice chapter :D Me likie it :) Err...Good luck with the nest chapter :) BYEEUUEEZZ!
1/7/2009 c2 6Sir Starlll
StarIlI: Yay! The chapter is up! (looks at Mudd sleeping on the couch two meters away from him.) Mudd is still asleep? It's the middle of the day! (Walks over to Mudd.) Let's see... how would he wake me up... I know! (spits on his hand and tries to slap him, but Mudd kicks StarIlI in the gut.) OW!

Mudd: Did you REALLY think I was still sleeping? Sheesh.

StarIlI: Well, as long as you're awake, you might as well help me with the review.

Mudd: No, I'm good.

StarIlI: That wasn't an option, you know.

Mudd: (shrugs) Whatever. (Walks away.)

StarIlI: Talk about a hit and run... and if Malon asked him, he would just say, ' (pretending to be Mudd) (stuttering) What? Oh, uh, yeah, sure.' I really hate that guy, somethimes. Anyway, This was a good chapter! Defiantly worth the wait. Though if they were ten, then I think that the part when Link was dreaming about Sheik and him on Lake Hylia was a bit too strong. Also, I have a question: Does everyone remember what Link did, or just the select few that helped him, like the sages and some of the Kokieri? You weren't very clear on that... or maybe I'm just ignorant. Either way, good chapter.

Mudd: (Walking back in.) Wait, that's all?

StarIlI: What do you mean?

Mudd: Well, there are a million things you could comment on- the names for the books, Darunia's wife, the fact that Ruto has a new boyfriend (Din help that person.), the fact that I haven't made an appearance yet-

StarIlI: That last one would be a bit rude, now that I think of it. And besides, you just skimmed through all of those details, so now I don't have to write them all down!

Mudd: Okay... (Walks away.)
1/6/2009 c2 14Wavebreeze
OK, before I forget, "Link and Zelda's Excellent Adventure" is priceless! XXD awesome movie, very funny lol

This an amazing (and very long) chapter! Everything was excellent about it, except a few problem with quotations. You constantly put them in the wrong spot but your wonderful writing skills made up for that ^^

Excellent work once again, I can't wait for more!
1/6/2009 c2 8Lady.Zayriah
1/6/2009 c2 3KazumiZ
(Crying) I can't believe Link left! (Crys more) Why did you want to make him leave? I'm just asking, 'cause I thought it was an awesome plot twist. Beautiful chapter by the way! I love this fic! See ya soon!

Princess Tamoir
1/6/2009 c2 3Darkide
And just like giving birth the thing that came out isn't not all that pretty lol. Sorry, after reading that author's note I couldn't stop myself lol.

Anywho, I've now read all the stories you've put up, didn't review them all but meh. I got to say they are all well done, especially this one.

The characters are well portrayed (even though some act differently than what I thought they do/should/would, pick one lol) and the plot is good... for one that nothing really happens lol.

I noticed a few errors here and there while reading but noting major. Not really any spilling erors ;) but mostly awkward sentences or just something that could have been worded better. All in all a very good read.

Well that's my two cents (course I think it's more in Canadian currency than anything lol) and now that you have been dazed by my great reviewing skills I leave with just this, looking forward to more. Laters!

Pinky are you pondering what I'm pondering?

I think so Brain, but we'll never get a monkey to use dental-floss. (Pinky and the Brain)
1/6/2009 c2 14Principessa Dell'Opera
WAH! OMG THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL! wow, im a wimp. it was so cute! Definitely ten-year-old things to do! they are definitely children, and you did a fantastic job! Love it!

Now, are you going to paraphrase Majora's Mask? that game made me cry when i played it, i thought it was creepy. aw, so sad. You did have me laughing my ass off like a moron a few times! It was really funny! You did a great job! and i'm looking forward to the next chapter!

La Principessa
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