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2/19/2011 c3 RuneRenXD
it's good so far.

Though, from what I've read... this fic seems to be more 'Friendship' then an actual 'Romance' fic.

It's also kind of like an inside scoop of Allen's and Kanda's relationship in the actual manga.

Pretty much a love-hate relationship (#^^#)
1/10/2010 c3 jackie78
This story, quite simply put, is excellent. Allen's breakdown was very in character, and sad too. Kanda reacted in the right, in-character way. Amazing. :D I would love you forever if you updated this story, I really would. ;_; 3
12/25/2008 c3 8Nadramon
OK, I know Yullen Week is over and you don't have that many reviews (God knows why), but you have GOT to continue this, man! I've never, ever, read such an IC Yullen fic. And the drama is simply killing me. I don't even care about spoilers anymore. I. Need. To. Know. What. Happens. Next. And I need it BADLY.

Everything happening feels horribly realistic, and even though you're following the YW themes rather closely, they're still discreet and nothing feels forced. Things might be happening fast, but giving the situation, it feels like there's no way it could have happened differently. They're in a hurry to find new exorcists, Allen is always pushed further into his limits and Kanda, like it or not, is driven along without a way to prevent it.

As I said before, the characters look like themselves and their struggles to help each other and/or solve the situation are really moving. Lavi cares but can't really do anything because of his duties, Lenalee'd do anything for her friends, but loves Allen too much to give him what he needs the most: the reassurance that someone he trusts will be there to kill him if his time comes. Kanda doesn't approve of Allen's ways of thinking and behaving, but still respects him, enough to end up caring. More and more. ;)

And Allen is very brave. No one can blame him for breaking down at this point. Crying is both legitimate and necessary, but it doesn't prevent him from standing straight and keep moving. I simply adore that kid! ^^

Levellier is extremely creepy, yet his ways are still understandable, in a way. Even though unfair and cruel, it's the kind of behaviour anyone'd have in a war. Matters of 'trusts' are never enough in such times, and to the Crow Allen is simply unstable. Young, pressured, and maybe a Noah to become. There's no way they could trust him.

Kanda, being professional and still knowing Allen enough to know where the threat ends, clearly is the only available anchor for little cursed exorcist. Now that I think about it, it's really fortunate that they met each other before Allen being the Fourteenth was discovered, or else Kanda'd have been likely to side with the Crow. But since he does know Allen to be reliable, Yullen definitely works out.

You have an incredible way of portraying it all, and did I mention how moving the appearance of the newly found exorcists was? Kanda's bluntness might sound cruel, but really, he's only saying the truth. "Words aren't harsh. Reality is.", like Soren from Fire Emblem would say. (A quotation from a video game... And I'm supposed to be a Literature student...) You have to sympathize for these people, yet they really don't have a choice in the matter.

There. I think I summed up why I love your story so much. I hope it motivates you to continue... I wish you luck if you do. I'll definitely be there. And have a Merry Christmas! ^^
12/23/2008 c3 Opallapo
fHA! YEAH RIGHT! she doesn't give a damn about allen, she's just looking for an excuse to THROW herself at kanda, the little hore! I feel the need to kick a puppy, no wait, i always feel like that, i feel like kicking a kitten, yeah that fits me better, kittens are angels unlike the retarded mutts that they claim to be 'man's best friend'!(which is quite fitting if by 'man' they mean those bloodthirsty homosidal, mentally ill people... ha, i just basically described a dog, no wonder they're 'man's' best friend) the only thing worse then them Is that vomit haired whiner! lavi and lenalee are both idiots! they only think about themselves! they say they're allen's friends yet they can't see things how allen does and don't even TRY or bother! they're just too selfish thinking about themselves that they don't wanna think about what allen would go through just to please them! allen only asks one not-so-selfish(cuz no one wants to see an innocent person killed as a criminal) thing and they refuse to cary it out because their 'his friends'! some friends they are!

... ok, I'm done with my lenalee/lavi/dog hate rant... KAWAII at the end~ so cute, allen blushed~! this is so bad, i have so much more to say about how retarded lenalee lavi and dogs are while i can barely spit out a full, comprehendable sentence of allen and his obvious cuteness! i can't help it, as soon as the vomit head said 'calm down' i steamed up, i think i even had to make up a few words just to express my absolute despising of her and her obvious hore-ness! and yes, i know it's spelt wrong, stupid sensor-thing could make it look like a said another word which i do not use and don't want anyone thinking so, but at this moment, i don't think there is a single curse word out there that i haven't hissed under my breath... i hope she's the next one on leverier's hitlist, cuz at this point i am in a state of hating her more than i love allen and will gladly read about the crow killing him if it ment reading a horrible, slow, mentaly and physically and painful death to lenalee! I'm not normally like this but i get this ticked when she throws herself at kanda or allen! they are ment for each other dangit!PLEAS UPDATE SOON! WITH UN-comforted mental torcher to lenalee if she has a nother misplaced emo moment like that!(cuz it's obvious what her real goal was with that and that was to make it look like kanda yuu actually care about the little slut) sorry for the violent review =_='

Keep Writing!~
12/23/2008 c3 Aion Laven Walker
Poor Allen T_T Luckily he has Kanda to comfort him ^^
12/23/2008 c3 17Digimagic
-blinks- Ne, you update fast. I still adore this story (which sucks cause if it doesn't get more reviews I'll die...;_;). I understand how you feel though, it's frustrating writing something and not getting many reviews for it^^'. Levellier sucks so much (I HATE him so MUCH in canon). I feel for Allen but yay for Kanda^^! Maybe you're not getting as many reviews cause you're updating so fast? Try waiting a day or so before updating (or just wait until you get more reviews^^). I hope so much that this story doesn't die! (It deserves to live)
12/22/2008 c3 PhenomenonTFKhotmail.com
Interesting story so far. The way in which you are doing the characters, I find to be pretty good. I also found the way you showed the pressure Allen is under was well done. Levellier seems like he would do something like that. I do hope you get more reviews because it would be a shame if this story ended without getting the notice it should. Please continue.
12/22/2008 c2 Digimagic
I wanna cuddle Allen but at the same time Kanda right. I really adored the way you had Kanda step in like that. Those people needed to hear that. Your characterization of Kanda is really good, too.

-blush- Ah! Thank for the dedication~^^~! I really like this story and I deserves more reviews! I meant to go to sleep but then saw this had updated and even though it was like, 6 in the morning and I had been up all night reading Yullen and playing video games I had to read it! LOvely story and please continue (when you can^^)!
12/21/2008 c1 Digimagic
I like the though of lose his (already strained) sanity for some reason^^. I like the start of this and I hope to read more soon^^.

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