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3/24/2015 c1 97ImpalaLove
I know your profile says you're not posting on here anymore and so maybe you wont' see this, but I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading some of your stories and they are absolutely amazing. This one especially just FLOWS and even though it doesn't match the good, wonderful Sam that we know and love, you still manage to somehow make this entire story embody his voice. Really, amazingly well done!
1/5/2014 c1 janny.verveer
i don't quite get where this story unites with spn... is sam soulless? so confusing! but it is really good :P thought it was a bit funny ;)
4/20/2010 c1 4Flali-Chan
Woah! I was not expecting this. Dark!Sam just seems like such an impossibility cuz Sam is Sam, yaknow? He's just...so clean. And definitely very much a follower of his morales. And guess what his morales say about Lucifer?
8/21/2009 c1 18graceofgod
Oh, that's all kindsa-scary. Nasty sumbitch Sam! Pathetic Dean!



It's a lovely portrayal of a man who's already over the edge and just hasn't quite realised it. The Sam we knew - who would never have said the things he did, would never even have felt that way - is just gone, although it'd be lovely to see a little more of that slide... did it really happen in that one, decaffinated moment? Or was it a gradual, internal change that went suddenly external?

Black!Crack it is indeed - hilariously funny. The plural of apocalypse, (and yeah, I kept shouting 'Apocalypse, NOW!' at them in the bunker...) and the pet names - I'm not sure which I like better - Starsky and Hutch (although it's the Winchesters that have the car they always seemed like Butch and Sundance to me!) or Laurel and Hardy. *sniggers*

And in the middle of the darkly comic, there's a few chilling perspectives - I'd never looked at Cas' fascination with Dean in quite that light, but now you mention it... eep.

One line that's gonna stay with me for a long, long time - 'He’s a cowboy – and fuck if he doesn’t have the night on his side.'



that oughta be a tag-line for the epi if Sam ever does turn...


5/30/2009 c1 54Cerridwen7777
Evil!Sam drives me mad. After all that Dean has done for him...Oi.

The thing that kills me is that for all of season 2 he was freaking out about going darkside. He was prepared to die to avoid it. And now he's embraced it, and with no apparent regrets. The schmuck.



"Cas is droning on and on again, and the A/C is broken so the motel room is as hot as the Pit (in fact he said that to Dean when his brother woke up and the white-faced pain was worth the price of admission)."

The idea that Sam would willingly cause Dean pain is horrifying.

It raises the fascinating point that Dean, by all rights, SHOULD have turned rogue, gone dark, having tortured souls in hell. But it is Sam, who never dipped a toe in the fire, is the one to lose his humanity.

Jiminy, you weren't lying about it being cold. I'd rip Sam's junk off if he were like this for real, the bas
4/30/2009 c1 13Tisha Wyman
Can we just shoot him now?
4/14/2009 c1 143PADavis
I'm having a lot of fun reading your fic - this was just classically wonderful darkSam - his impatience with the angels was brilliantly writting.

2/12/2009 c1 55historylover

And you wrote this before "Sex & Violence" aired. Good predictions.

I have a feeling it's going to be like this. I hope not. I do want the Winchesters together. But, in order to do that, they have to move away from each other.

If that makes sense.

Good one!

1/28/2009 c1 7capjack54
Wow. I feel so bad for Dean, but that was HILARIOUS. The day that Sam gets this way is the day Supernatural dies. I love the feel of it - nonchalant, kind of on-the-go... perfect for the content. But cold - SO cold.

1/25/2009 c1 9primadonna cat
There was a lot of humor in Sam's POV! Ok, so it ws dark humor with a capital D but still...I laughed. I really enjoyed this. God, he was such a jerk to Dean, the angels I can understand, but Dean. But that's the darkside for ya.
1/18/2009 c1 9Linnie McCary
Whoa. By far the most amazing Evil!Sam I've ever-oh, wait. I don't read Evil!Sam fics, because they're AUs, but honest to Pete, now I never have to ready any others, because I believe you have probably cornered the market, Z. Brilliantly. (Oh, Dean, please SAVE him!) This was absolutely fabulous boredom and snark and amorality, and I hated/loved every single word.
1/16/2009 c1 4lexwang
I could've sworn I reviewed this two weeks ago when I read it but I see it got past me. I read it, I loved it and I forgot to tell you about it :)

This is just great Dark Sam! I love the sarcasm, the angst, the pure evil that Sam exudes! Really well done! Well written and deliciously scary! YUMMY!

Thanks for sharing :)
1/13/2009 c1 16amyblair
Loved your throws in here. What I mean by that is: Charlie's Angels, Starsky and Hutch, the Terminator, proceed to go and collect your $200.00, the Movie Trailer Voice Guy. You relate to all of us somewhere.

Really dark. I try to keep both boys in my heart, I really try to not play favorites. I love Dean. I love Sam. I think more people love the Dean so I find that I root for the underdog and I'm always pulling for Sammy to stay in the light.

Then you come along and throw him to the black. I tell you, it pisses me off. And you did it very, very well. Great play with Castiel. Dean's reaction was great. It was all so good. Your writing is unique and intriguing. I love that you just started. Very green and yet you write gold.

Proceed to go and collect your $200.00. It's a winner, Z.
1/10/2009 c1 75Mirrordance
Thank you so much for sharing this fic. It's not easy subject matter, and it's certainly one of the riskiest ones, but you pull it off very, very cleanly.

As a matter of fact, your fic inspires a fairly terrifying self-realization: evil as you depict it seems delicious, uncomplicated and ultimately enviable.

I love the detached, cool humor and the casual execution of cruelty.

Good job and thanks for sharing :)
1/6/2009 c1 33pandorathexplora

wow, incredible piece, zatnikat! definitely didn't know sam had it in him to go dark from apathy.

and wow again, "sack this, you sanctimonious piece of sh**"!

jesus, where did you pull that awesome line from?

in short, very well done and i hope you write more dark sam, even tho its not your fave! (clearly it's mine lol)
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