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6/24/2016 c13 10inuyashamunkey
"Cuz i wanna b in yur pants man"
6/24/2016 c11 inuyashamunkey
my heart is warm
6/24/2016 c10 inuyashamunkey
6/24/2016 c9 inuyashamunkey
holy shit they cut off his leg and arm. i was in such a good mood but that wwas instantly replaced by utter and complete HORROR :O
2/4/2013 c2 greenteacup
I really had to laugh 'cause the german sentences are really funny and didn't really make any sense xP as german speaker i feel kind of an obligation to correct u, help u to improve ur story... ;)
(1) and (2) is right.

(3)Annoying Dumbass Spacko (very coll.), Nerviger Idiot/Trottel,...

(4) You two had better not get into a fight here. Ihr Zwei/Beiden solltet hier lieber keinen Kampf beginnen. (..)
(4.1.)"Sie haben zwei besser nicht ankommen in einen Kampf hier gehabt,(4)" You have two better not come(Past tense) in a fight here done. - it's like that in german xD really funny (So please forgive my amusement, please!)

(5)Habt ihr beiden ernsthaft geglaubt, dass wir uns nichts von der Sprache aneignen, wenn wir schon eine Weile hier leben?
(5.1) "Hat Ihnen zwei ernsthaft denken gemacht, dass wir Ihre Sprache nicht abgeholt hätten, wenn wir in diesem Land eine Zeit haben leben gemusst?(5)" Had you(Singular) TWO seriously make u thinking(infinitiv), that we wouldn't have fetch/collect/meet/come for/pick Your (polite form, Singular) language, if we in this country a while had live must(Past tense). I won'T comment that, but i've to admit..i'm cracking up with laughter...

I'm sorry if there is so. who had already helped u!


(By the way your story is freakingly amazing!)
7/13/2010 c30 anoymonous
omg u have got to complete this to many cliffhangers i have got to no if naruto and roy get ed and sasuke back. when are you going to update please make it soon
2/18/2010 c30 5Emotionally Unstable Fangirl
OMG! No! Darn you, leaving such a huge cliffhanger like right there! But at the same time I love it! I completely love it!

Before I end this just let me say that your story was remarkable in the sense of it not being false. For example you didn't have all the cool characters live nor did you have all the soldiers live. Sadly some were killed and caught. You made it realistic. You did a fantastic job!

Well until the sequel, my dear friend...Au revoir!
2/15/2010 c4 15kurosaki9
i read this and damn, its getting good. But alas i have to head to bed. stupid school i hate it. anyways, u said something about not knowing Kimblee's name.

his name is Zolf R. Kimblee. Yeah... weird ass name but i read it in the manga and heard it in the anime. hope this helps u now. I wonder if Edward will meet up with his father and if the war will turn gruesome soon.

will read the rest tommorrow~ thanks again and its weird seeing Naruto and Sasuke with Roy and Edward but not awkward.
2/11/2010 c30 3Siameze
I KNEW it couldn't have ended so fast-geez, I almost had a heart attack when I saw "epilogue" written as the chapter title. This story has too much potential for that...and frankly, I'll miss the all the wonderful characters and plotline too much. XD The last chapter's battle scenes were incredible! There were words on my screen, but all I saw were amazing moving pictures. The emotion you captured through words is so real, so believable. It seemed that whenever the tides are in the heroes' favor, those monsters and soldiers keep on multiplying. I never knew before-THIS is how being a soldier, and fighting for your life feels like. It's hopeless, it's physically and emotionally gruesome...there are countless chances of you, or your loved one, being killed.

Like always, the characters are very developed-I love watching them fight with their unique abilities and interacting with each other.

Now, what’s happened so far in the story is really intriguing. I would have never guessed that Roy and the others would have successfully escaped in a truck. Things like joining the British army, and bringing Ling into the story—wow! Everything you put into your story makes me want to read more, and find out what happens next.

This chapter was a perfect curtain closing to end Part 1. I wonder how Ed, Sasuke, and the others are going to escape…there are so many possibilities. It’s all so exciting! It must be exciting for you to write it, too. XD

I definitely understand if you need time to work on your other stories. I’ll wait forever for Part 2 if I have to, haha.
1/23/2010 c28 Siameze
Oh, wow. You don't know how happy I am to see this story being continued! XD

This chapter seems like another "calm before the storm." Everyone is preparing for a very gruesome battle that will happen the next day. It's very much like Sasuke to volunteer himself, and I liked the reason you gave him, to "keep others from suffering just as much."

I'm also loving the lemons and fluffy scenes in general. Glad to see that they haven't lost their charm. ^^

The plot in this story is super interesting and complex...it's not something you would find in any fanfiction. I'm very worried for Ed and Sasuke during the next chapter...I can imagine that they're clever enough to devise some sort of plan to survive. Though, I'm also pretty certain that although neither will die, at least one will get a serious injury, or something like that.

And, I suppose that's my ending note. Thanks again for posting!
7/26/2009 c26 Siameze
Splended job, as always!

And I agree-that IS an awful lot of information you had to come up with. Wow, I'm impressed (more than I was already). How in the world did you do all that? Did you come up with it all at once or gradually? Did you write it all down or kept it all in your head, saving it for this chapter?

You know, the truth of what that crystal does to the person sounds a lot more painful when it's worded in such a...formal/business-like way. It made it sound like there is no hope at all of Ed surviving. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Solomon's Key sounds familiar...where have I heard of it before?

Grr...why did Naruto have to interrupt that flashback? It was getting to the part where more answers were going to be revealed!

Speaking of Naruto-I applaud him for his jaw-dropping speech and/or rant. Epic dialogue was epic. =D (In fact, it was so good that I can't help feeling sorry for Tsunade. Haha, she'll need to get over it eventually.)

Thanks for updating! Until next time! ^_^
7/1/2009 c25 Siameze
Again, fabulous work! XD This was probably one of my favorite chapters, mainly because it’s the happiest one. No angst on the surface this time, because it’s just waiting for the right moment to burst out. They’re finally out of the tunnel, too! –happy dance- I loved the way you described the magical wonders of nature. It must be like seeing heaven after running around in hell for those guys. Still waiting for that talk you promised between Naruto and Sasuke—I am very curious about what exactly happened in his past. Both your Sasuke and canon-Sasuke seem to have the most interesting pasts (and you can never predict them, either!).

And speaking of which, I also have to admit—Sasuke IS seriously lovable in this chapter. ^_^ It’s a nice transition from his usual broody and prideful self, but that does indicate that something is very wrong here. Naruto’s actions really give a clear message of how much he cares about him too. Those lovebirds…

Nice lemon, too. Especially since it did not take up most of the chapter…not that it would be bad or anything, just slow down the plot development. XD

There are plenty of other things I could go on about, like those completely awesome paragraphs of Ed and Roy’s thoughts on each other, and the humor, and the in-character-ness, and the suspense, and…well, everything. But, ah, lets just leave at that. I look forward to the next chapter, oh great author-sama.
6/15/2009 c23 Siameze
...Heh, final exams are so stressful... =_=

Couldn't find the right time to review these days, haha. (So I'll make this one a short one)

I've got to say-that was really suspenseful! I could feel shivers down my spine! XD You did a great job with it, although I would recommend that you didn’t repeat some of the foreshadowing, since after the first hint, the reader should already be aware that something’s not right (I realize that was a little hard to understand. What I’m trying to say is that it’s better not to write “something bad is going to happen” when you’ve already hinted that with that “bad gut feeling.” Show, not tell, remember?). 8D No harm in some improving, right?

The description of those undead demons was what completely blew me away. It was so vivid that I could picture it clearly, like a HD movie, in my mind’s eye! It’s amazing what a bunch of words mixed together can do. But finding the right words and putting them all together takes a lot of skill. I envy you. =_=

Well, that’s it I guess. I love the idea of un-killable mindless demons going after the gang, by the way. This one’s going to be a toughie, for sure. Poor Shikamaru…
5/16/2009 c21 Siameze
It's good to read another chapter of this story again. I've been having a cruddy week, so I was never in the mood to review, but now I am (I'll try to at least).

You win at battle scenes, you know that? I've never seen such detail and intensity in any other fic I've read. And trust me, I've read a lot of fics. The battles and the emotions you put in them make it all seem so real and exciting to read.

I think having the ability to overthink is a gift. It forces you to think deeply and explore complex things that not many people get to. After all, it's thanks to that skill that you were able to come up with this story and think up dozens of original plots for it.

And the different Points of Views-it's a talent to able to get into so many different characters' minds and still keep them very In-character.

I can't wait to see the outcome of this. That was a nasty (but entertaining) ambush...it is a good thing that Hinata and Temari has joined the team. Truthfully, I kind of wished this fic would never end-and I can see how this could easily produce many chapters that never fail to amaze in the future.

Anyways, keep up the great work! ^_^

P.S. I've been wondering, ever since I've found that Tidus was actually not an OC...does that mean characters like Alyssa, Riku, and Grey are also taken from some other fandom? They all seem to have a very developed, solid personality for OC's. But then again, knowing you, I could never be sure about that.
5/1/2009 c1 63dmnq8
Favorited! God, I love a good read! Keep up the excellent work.
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