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9/19/2011 c4 595Ghostwriter
Awesome. Catch ya on the flip side.
2/25/2010 c4 11Peace Faith
Good story so far. Loved to see and update.
1/31/2009 c4 17griffin blackwood
lol mmpr movie mwahaahahahha
1/3/2009 c3 30Whispering Ranger
*snickers* Blake drunk from Shane's... popcorn(eew) soda XD Indirect kiss! Yay!

I liked this chapter, it was funny ^_^
1/3/2009 c3 17griffin blackwood
haha extremely funny! im off to work now! keep up the slash!
12/28/2008 c2 10Pokelad
You've got me hooked. I'm interested.
12/28/2008 c2 30Whispering Ranger
Interesting :D I can't say much more... I like it, you sorta... capture them in the right moments and you write them well, so... good job :)
12/27/2008 c2 17griffin blackwood
you're my hero
12/27/2008 c1 1jonoave
Hmm, don't think I've seen a Blake-Shane pairing before. Though it was very vague and more friendship-ish. Will there be a sequel to this?
12/23/2008 c1 17griffin blackwood
omg i was scared they were going to make out
12/23/2008 c1 30Whispering Ranger
Me like ^_^ Very friendship-y right now, but that's okay :D Somehow I don't see the two of them angsting over each other or kissing right away and blah blah blah you know what I mean :)

Please update soon! :D

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