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for When i see you smile

3/28/2015 c2 KatherineDarkQueenRiddle666
I loved it please update more
5/28/2012 c2 14ATK1734
I liked it. It truly captures the the pompousness from someone on their deluded high-horse to their fall to rock bottom. As someone who has experienced multiple suicides in his life, I can really say that I'm happy your story ended the way it did because not all stories end with such relief. (Look at me, digressing) My point is: it's a good story and you're a terrific writer, keep it up!
8/21/2010 c2 jack spicer bug
i love zadr,thank you for writing and please keep up the good work!
8/4/2009 c1 9little girl-GROWN UP
Alright, I re-read the entire story and think I remember the things that caught my attention in the first place. ^^

Thought you'd like to hear that.

As for now...bye =3 See ya.
4/15/2009 c2 1KiAhri
yah i love this.

please make more chapters^^
1/3/2009 c2 9little girl-GROWN UP

Okay I've been wrong, I'd been reading this story already yesterday-

Your story is okay, but I'd like to tell you some things though-

anyways, bye for now ^.^
1/2/2009 c1 AndrestheReader
ZADR, I hate it I hate it so much! It's revolting in a way that should not be posted in public. It is ruining Invader Zim. I mean when I say, whoever likes ZADR is a FREAK! This wonderful show should not be ruined in such a horrible way. If you disagree please notify me so I can insult you.
12/28/2008 c1 7XxXChibiBunniXxX
Ah Poor Zim ;_; please update soon!
12/25/2008 c1 1QuitexSoul
wow couldn't they just let him down gently, that was a littl harsh.

lke the story and hope you update soon. ^_^

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