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4/8/2012 c1 6Kittendragon
Love it. :)
2/8/2010 c1 6rainsoakedreams
I don't know how I missed this before but it makes me all kinds of happy and is so great when dealing with the characters. Well that and Nate pinning Eliot to a wall...


Fantastic job.
2/24/2009 c1 gfggb
I'm glad someone else out there caught the slash vibe going on there. ^_^. lol. Nicely written, there were one or two slightly awkward sentences but for the most part it was good. I liked the headbutt comment and the ending line was strong. *adds to favorites*. ^_^

1/17/2009 c1 CYoudontneedtoknow
very lushus
1/3/2009 c1 30Shadow Cat17
THis was great!
12/28/2008 c1 Anon
Love to see more!
12/24/2008 c1 Keara Achan
I...can see that happening. -muses-

Huh... -grin- Great fic. Very in-character. Congrats, kudos, -cookie for inspiration-

12/23/2008 c1 3CallMeAlice1
great start. you should continue

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