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for A Wild Adventure Christmas Time

6/3/2010 c1 1hyenabiscuit
This was awsome! Go Roddy!

I have my own little version of the 'Jingle bells' song. It goes like this:

Jingle bells,

Shockwave smells,

Swoop flew a-way,

Grimlock steals all the wheels

and Megatron does ballet, hey!
7/25/2009 c1 Mikagami Mifuyuu
Please be kind to your readers, having everything in the centre makes reading your fic a rather unpleasant task.

You need to watch up for your usage of caps. e.g. "when I catch you little pest, You will wish you didn't do that!" - "You" should be "you".

Take note of your punctuation and grammar as well.

You may want to consider getting a beta reader. :
2/20/2009 c1 29Northwest Sage
I thought it was quite entertaining!

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