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5/18/2015 c8 Guest
I am so confused at the moment. I don't think I'm supposed to be bewildered (because no one else seems to be), but I am. I feel like this is one of those stories you'd have to read over and over again to understand them - and by understand, I mean Understand - I do know the events that happen in this fic, but that kind of understanding isn't what I'm looking for ...

For some reason, I really, really love this. Please don't ask why, since I'm not even sure of the reason myself.
7/11/2010 c2 8CheshireGrins
doesn't the little girl taste colors because her sense of taste and sight mixed...or something?A guy had a similar condition,with his taste and his hearing,i believe...

but nonetheless,this is a lovely story.
12/21/2009 c8 1Ruethos
I really like this story, but it's so sad! And i like your view on L's Past (Even though it's been partially revealed)

Anywho, please update this soon! Or else i'll send my rabid mutant bunnis to team up with the Kitties! D

3/4/2009 c8 6Coryx
At last, a non-angst chapter! Or at least non-abusive. There was a small element of warm fuzzy fluff in there. :) Which is more that I can say for the last chapters.

XD I loved that line. "Those are exactly the same as the other T-shirts."

"Yes, but these come in bags."

LOL, I bet he was absolutely serious too... XD

NUZ. NOT THE BANANA. Don't you know, the kittens hate bananas? They will kill you for having a banana in their presence!

Wait... I just ate one... or three... -hears heavy breathing- 0.0 -runs-
3/4/2009 c8 11Reaper-Lawliet
Aw, yay for Watari-san and L!

I still feel bad for Celia...I hope L will get to say good-bye to her soon.

Poor L, afraid of the toilet...

Update soon!
3/4/2009 c8 merichuel
L is so cute!

i can imagine him as a little ball of energy going around choosing clothes and everything xDD

cute chapter

please update soon :3
3/4/2009 c8 30sec2kiba
I started to tear up at the end. L! Please! WRITE MORE! ;D
3/4/2009 c8 3SunnyPlace
...Banana? ...Banana! :D

Ha. poor Watari. Aww! What a cute chapter! You've just made me warm on the inside! (Which I thank, case I think I'm starting to catch a cold -shivers-)

I was starting to miss this, thankyou for updating!
3/4/2009 c8 2Strawberry Vibe
For some reason, when a character grins, I often grin with them. xD I don't know why. Perhaps I just enjoy the grinnable moment that the characters, the reader and possibly even the author shares.

When I read or write something, I tend to become so attached to the characters, I tend to feel what they're feeling. I love this story because of all the different feelings mixed up together. It's also so cute. :D

I think I went off on a slight tangent again there.
3/4/2009 c8 1ZenziTheJewel
I kinda miss Celia, she was such a great friend to L! But I guess her death made L who he is...oh sniffs! The kittens...lol DARTH VADER!

Anyway I like Wammy's thots; it really emphasizes the bond between the old and the young. And I like how L thought of his friend before he stepped into Wammy's house. Really beautiful! Keep updating, m'friend! :D
2/21/2009 c3 AmethystSmoke
Omg that lady is so cruel, grr i just want to like punch her. Poor L! GR. srry. anyways nice story, i want to red more adn more
2/21/2009 c2 AmethystSmoke
I was bored today, so I decided to started reading adn reviewing my reviewer's storeis. And oh my god this story is like the best even though it's a little abusive. Poor L. I don't know how you could continueing reading my stories, they are like crap next to yours. If I could write as good as you, I would never read my story. GRR, so awsomely great story, can't wait to read more.
2/4/2009 c7 Unlabeled
Dang this is sad. L not being able to grow into his shirt and the last line teared me up. So he is going to Wammy's? Update soon.
1/30/2009 c7 3wonton-chan
yay! Nice! wahoo! Me really Hyper!(sorry idk wat to put)
1/29/2009 c1 46CCommons
Amazing! Now I see why you criticized me so hard (but nicely) your stuff is so good! I'm not even close to your level! Oh! And i picked something really good to un-Mary Sue Llana! yipee!
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