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for Better to Reign

7/30/2011 c5 ccase13
I like the way your story turned out. It would have saved much misery if the show had gone this way.
2/14/2009 c5 cozmikfaerie
Loved the last chapter! The whole story was well written, and I hope we get a resolution something like this at the end of the season!
2/13/2009 c5 73Sue Pokorny
Sam needs to be redeemed. Somehow, I don't think Kripke is gonna give us a resolution like this, but I can always hope. If only something could get thru to Sam and make him realize he's not going down the right path. Dean has always had his brother's well being at heart, it would be nice for him to repay that sometimes. Thanks for the story, this is truly how the Winchesters should be.


2/13/2009 c5 111deangirl1
I like how you wrapped this up. It would be really nice if Sam could get to the same place in the series - I'm still waiting for him to realize Dean's worth and acknowledge his sacrifice...
2/13/2009 c5 sylia91
Excellent story! I loved Sam's speech at the end and hope Kripke plans something similar.
2/13/2009 c5 16Zatnikatel
Good job, dude! You nailed Castiel perfectly: he’s so damn enigmatic... Hope you are even now planning your next epic… ;-)
2/9/2009 c4 Zatnikatel
You present Sam’s dilemma so well in this chapter… he honestly believes he is doing the right thing and so his motives for tapping those demonic powers are genuine… and yet he feels the pull of his brother’s care and influence.

And your Ruby: man she is Iago to be sure, whispering way in Sam’s ear. I am so intrigued about whether Show will go this way with her. I still can’t figure out her motives.And this: ‘All the demons liked to play with Dean. Every demon you exorcised while he was in Hell got in line, every single one’. I’ve been hoping someone will weave that into a story!

And wow, great catch that Ruby might have tortured Dean in Hell… it makes perfect sense when set against the fact that Lilith let her out again. And finally Sam sees his real priority ans steps back from his quest for revenge… Awesome! ;-)
2/8/2009 c4 4alwaysateen
I'm so happy Sam finally choosed Dean over Ruby! Yahoo!
2/8/2009 c4 sylia91
I like that you are mirroring the events in the show but putting a different spin on it. One that I like. The plain speaking the boys are doing here may not resolve their issues but is not as damaging as the silence and lies going on so far. The other difference I notice is that your Sam still seems to respect Dean. I really liked the scene of Dean and Castiel commiserating over pain in the ass brothers. Great fic so far!
2/8/2009 c4 4Ster1
You go, Sam! (I just hope you stick with your plan and stay away from Ruby. Then maybe I'll forgive you for wanting to leave Dean...)

And poor Dean..sigh...

Terrific chapter!
1/23/2009 c3 cozmikfaerie
great chapter!
1/9/2009 c2 16Zatnikatel
What a great chapter... the dialogue, between Dean and Castiel, Bobby and Dean, Bobby and Sam, is spot on - you totally nailed their style of speech. It's so in-character. And I really like the insight you have Castiel provide about Uriel... he may be bad news for our boys but you provide a reason for his bad attitude that I haven't considered or seen in any other fics.

Really good work and you really deserve way more reviews for this than you're getting...
1/9/2009 c2 4Ster1
Dean and Castiel's conversation was so awesome (although, personally, I don't believe Anna was all that sorry about falling. But maybe that's just because I wasn't too fond of her.) Castiel is trying so hard to be patient but Dean must be a challenge! I wonder what Cas was trying to say when Dean woke up...

And the tension between the boys continues. I like how it's still brewing: there's just too much there to quickly disappear. Bobby's right about rehashing old arguments, especially since both brothers haven't changed their minds. Sam still thinks Ruby is the cat's meow, Dean is hurt that Sam would listen/believe a demon over him.

This is such a terrific fic-thanks for posting!
1/9/2009 c1 Ster1
Terrific job capturing the tension between the brothers. It makes sense that Dean would feel bitter about Ruby. And Bobby is perceptive to pick up just how Sam is willing to sacrific in his search for revenge. Sam is a lot more like John than he'd like to admit...
12/24/2008 c1 cozmikfaerie
nice beginning! I was wondering myself how much Bobby knew about Sam's activities with Ruby. Great line "that if he tried he might choke". Looking forward to more!
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